Fly Away

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She wanted to fly high

But was afraid to fell from the blue sky

She longed for someone

To come along her way

To guide her throughout

No matter what the world says


She would believe in miracles

She was never afraid to dream

If only that someone showed up

She would have been living free

Chained in the shackles

She longed to breathe

Eventually that someone showed up in her life

Now it was her choice if she wanted him to lead


She did believe in destiny

Never shied away from her fate

That man did accompany her for little

Finally leaving everything on her plate

Left all alone, totally sore

Her life changed completely

And she was bitter than ever before


She had some pain

Not letting her go

One day she was walking

The next day she was not able to feel the rain

Her legs went numb

Conditions worsened

Pressed in the world

Where everyone was mean

She found solace in someone

Who cannot be seen

He became her friend,

who finally showed her way

Not to look for happiness outside

But only from within


She became a butterfly

ready to conquer the world

Never had she fallen ever again

As she believed, someone was always guiding her

She started following her heart

Started to dance on any beat

This girl finally won

And her winning was perfectly neat.








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