12 The Hanged Man

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12 – The Hanged Man A Different Perspective


Justice came into the Fool’s life and taught him many different valuable lessons about his life and how to maintain order within in his life, Yet the Fool knows that there is still much to learn and so he continues his journey and upon his path here he comes to meet The Hanged Man. Here The Hanged Man will teach the Fool a new lesson of having to let go of certain ways of looking at things and see the world through a different perspective. Here he will have to let of the uncertainties of his mundane understanding in order to view the world from this new perspective. The Fool is upon this journey to seek a more spiritual enlightenment of traditional teaching from the enlightened ones and this is where they show him that not everything is the way they seem. This is where the fool will have to reach down deep inside his soul and come to realise his own findings of his own intuition so that he may better understand this new perspective humbly.

Here The Hanged Man shows the Fool that even though he may have order in his life there are still many different ways of looking at the world and the universe in which he lives in and sometimes if one can look at things from that different perception, one may indeed see things for the way they truly are.

From the beginning of the Fool’s Journey he has learnt so many valuable things about this path of enlightenment and every step upon his journey he has faithfully been awarded to see things in this light of the enlightened ones. Yet, now The Hanged Man comes to show the Fool that he must try to forgets all that he has learnt about the ways in which he has been looking at the world and turns his perception completely upside down so that he may begin to see things on a whole other scale of viewpoint, which will give the Fool  more diversity within himself. However, with diversity comes difference and The Hangman will comes to show the Fool that been able to see things from a different view point will set him aside from everyone else. The Fool will also learn that with the strange way of looking at the world from The Hanged Man perspective will then put him both in an advantage and a disadvantage among others:, for those who see things differently are always treated differently for such indifferences. However, The Hanged man will show the Fool that it is perfectly acceptable to be a little different and often life requires one to be different every once in a while in order for them to be able to see things hanging upside from the tree and find that different understanding toward life,… which often maybe what is needed in their crazy lives. The Fool seems to learn that no matter what,… life’s journey is always going to take him down some strange and unusual roads but he is realising that all of it is part of the learning process needed for him to develop into who his is meant to be. He knows that change happens all the time but here he learns to see that change from that different perspective and with all the knowledge he is gaining he finds himself now far better understanding his path of true enlightenment.


Interpretation: the Hanged Man is the only naturally reversed card in the tarot and he indicates to the seeker the need to find a new perspective in their lives. Sometimes looking at things differently will help better understand from all sides what is truly going in any situation. Often one’s perception could be clouded by bad judgement or corrupted by negative influences and The Hanged Man comes to show the seeker that perhaps it is time for a change of viewpoint and this is a good time to seek inner truth and intuitive wisdom within themselves. He tells the seeker that it is time to suspend activities and re-evaluate their attitudes, goals and priorities of the situation in order find a solution, for looking at things from a different perspective one is able to see all sides of the story.

The Hanged Man also reminds us that we should remain true to our spiritual values and intuitions and to trust in our inner voice of reason. You may be in the stages of major transition or growth or you may be caught between the old and the new so you need trust the process of moving forward and make the tough decision needed to be made. This is the time to dedicate yourself to the situation and embrace your new perception and stand true to the choices you have made due to your new viewpoint. You may have even had to sacrifice something very important, either mentally, emotionally or spiritually in order to gain this new understanding so you need to remain strong in your convictions.

Perhaps because of your unusual perspective and viewpoints, others may not quite understand you and where you are coming from, which has set you aside to normal society and made you feel alienated. However The Hanged Man comes to remain you that it is perfecting okay to be different and sometimes life needs you to be different so that you can truly be who you are. The Hanged Man shows you that being different makes you who you are and that you should learn to embrace your indifferences and love yourself regardless of what others may think of you. 

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