R. kelly

Pied piper

Cock sniper

Arrived at schools

Dick all hyper

Young minor's

Heart beating

Dirty man wants releasing

Young girl's seeking fame

Follow him '  you won't be the same

Enslaved by a monster

In hotels and his home

Left brainwashed and all alone

Girls full of a lust

 for a man they can not trust

Wanting fame, then this is a must

Buckets and starvation

In front of the nation

But they don't care

You brang yourselfs their

A man who rapes

Then makes sex tapes

Dirty perverted sickeningly urinates

On minor's face

Virginity lost 

Innocence gone

 No justice

This is wrong

Skin color should not be an issue

No tears shed ' no need for a tissue

Let down by the jury

Caused much furry

Family's left broken and sick with worries

If they we're white would it help judge to hurry

Lock him up

And take all he has

Butcher his behind

Make him flaunt his own ass

Pied piper

Here is your flute

Go near my child

And ill give you the


Tu ' tu " beep beep  

Your song's have lyrics that proves your a creep.....






Midnight madness ►


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lisa donohoe

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 17:45

Honesty is the way forward no matter what the out come may be..
You can dodge a bullet holding onto your honesty, or you can dodge the bullet by converting to the other side.
I will always choose to be shot holding onto what I believe is right..
If you ever want to know if "your bum looks big in those jean's? Im your gal (hahha) and many ' many thanks :-)

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 17:38

Likewise Lisa, I think that's why I find your writing so touching, because it comes from such an honest place.
So please, in turn, also never change.?

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lisa donohoe

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 14:38

Thank you jason.. that was so kind and thoughtful of you to say, it takes a kind soul to know a kind soul.. Never change ?

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 14:12

Ok , so I've read more of your poetry again today, some for the second or third time because I really wanted to absorb each meaning and metaphor and each expression and I have to say it's beautiful, raw, emotional and clever, oh I most definitely love it but most of all it's your style that really stands out to me, it's touching, it feels like it really comes from so deep in your heart.

Beautiful ?


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Chloé Mballa

Fri 1st Feb 2019 03:53

This is very well put!

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 16:51

That comment was encouraging Jacob as it made me feel safe known im not making a mockery of others who are more passionate then I ...
Since WOL ... It gave me a much needed boost to work on my vocabulary and use words I would never even say in speech let alone write.. Thanks to everyone on here that gave me that push by simply reading their awesome poems. Especially your's my friend.... I feel myself coming out of my shell and believing with more work and knowledge that I too, can have my work placed along side other talented individuals like yourself.. May we all shine like the diamonds we are. ?

Big Sal

Sat 19th Jan 2019 16:22

Oh you’re good Lisa. To be honest, I never read poetry outside of Pablo Neruda and a few others until I came to WOL too.

It definitely is a springboard for a lot of stuff in the poetry world. We’re right below the skin waiting to burst out. Much like a poetic pustule.?

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 15:41

I have a major confession guy's... I do not read poetry apart from what I see on WOL.. Not because of any reason apart from I just love to write. Reading was never a hobbie of mine and I never had much interest. Successful poet's have never crossed my mind or eyes.. I just love to write and express my opinions with Word's that I see fit, if something pulls on my heartstrings I am sure to express it on paper. When my emotions get the better of me I always feel better after I share it in my journal in a fun poetic way. My response towards those with the power to stand against all the wrongs was directed at presidents ' governments ' famous musical artists. Famous people in general who have billions of followers and instead of getting people on board about things that matter they post meaningless selfies.. It was not directed at the amazing poet's in our world. And most certainly not directed at the lovely poets on WOL.. I feel that I am not on the same wave length as most only because I am not well educated on poet's ' poems or authors. Expression is important to me. Thats pretty much why I signed up to WOL. If my honesty offended you I sincerely apologize. If my lack of knowledge about poetry has upset you I also apologize. I am not here to mock anyone and I most certainly do not think im to great and superior to read many books or poem's.. My interests simply stand with writing. Since WOL I have learned alot. I see views from all angles and how everyone expresses themselves wows me. I have had the pleasure of speaking with alot of cool interesting down to earth individuals who I now class as on line friend's. I admire everyones passion for poetry in this group and I find you all amazing and gifted..
I write for fun and dont expect much in return for my poems. I can feel everyone here has either made it or is trying to make it in the world of poetry. I wish you all the best and again' apologies for the lack of knowledge about the things you are all super passionate about... Love and light lisa x

Big Sal

Sat 19th Jan 2019 14:00

I apologize to Lisa for turning her poem into a great discussion board, but Po is right.

Collaboration is key to success as poets for us. We just can't afford to take the 'one in a million' approach that most poets like Rupi Kaur take to get successful.

Social media is here for good or ill, it's not like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are complaining. Po, I think I need to PM you my thoughts on this, but seeing as Lisa is already one with us, I think it could benefit her too.

I'll see.

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 14:00

The invite was to Lysa Big Guy

Lisa was a contender from the start lol

We are growing daily together
It has started

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:56

I spend a lot of my time here reading comments on other poets work. Sadly few poems have enough 'poets' to speak up about some very important topics.
Now these poets are doing a good job (in their own minds) to make a difference to our world.

But how many people read what we write and understand what we write and then ACT on what we write?

Together we have the tools to reach out across the globe literally.

Give your poetry to the people I say.

YEP! just more words... A C T !

A few brave poets with not only their own words, together with the best of the best poems minds can conceive and the images, photographs, music... Collaborate... Collaborate... Collaborate

Stand up and speak the words... Walk the talk Literally.

Find others who can help you arrange nights in small venues that are cheap or free to hire. Collect names and emails txt numbers.

Slowly getting larger venues... larger audiences.
Social media is there to use... For ALL!

This year I made a decision to take it to the streets!


You are the only one who can do it.... You

If you Like me are thinking "I feel I wish I could do more".

The time for thinking has past

It is time to act!

WOL is a great recruiting ground.
Look around see whos around

What have you got they need?
What have they got you need?

Do it and do it NOW!


Big Sal

Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:38

To Lisa: ?

To Po: She is already a member buddy! Check the memo! ?

But I digress and agree with both of you.

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:33

Big sal I stay away from news and social media and newspapers as much as I can! As far as politics go ' I am a foreigner.. I avoid like the plague because it doesn't matter what you vote' everything is a fix..in every country including my own.. Our government is scum and toxic... But its how we support those who win that counts.. Their no good if we ignore them.. I know if guns wore legal in Ireland we would have shot them all by now (haha) ... We stood up againts alot of wrongs and we won.. People is power and people hold more power united as one... Trump knows this and tried to master divide in order to make Americans weak enough to take down separately...
I pray more wake up and learn that no one is better then anyone and no race is more superior then another.. We're only strong when we stand tall along side one another hand in hand ... We have the power to change our world ' but to many to selfish to even try.. And those complaining but not acting need to cop on more then most ?

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:20

Po my friend. Its a shame that many who have a voice and a platform to express such things choose to stay quiet... To many care what other's will think of them! Not me.. My dad raised a shepherd, I dont walk with any flock... I lead myself and will continue to walk in the opposite direction of any crowd..
Its a shameful act to not stand up against all the wrong doings and nasty people of our society' especially those who use their money as a shield... People gave them that power and people can take it away... About time they started a campaign against R.kelly called mute R.kelly... He is not making a profit or a living from music anymore.. Power taken back.. And that's how it should be.. People hold the power to make things happen.... The more people that wake up the stronger we become ?

Big Sal

Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:19

Hey I get you totally, Lisa.

Your own comment made me laugh by the way. You spoke my mind three times over with your insight, and yes you are 110% right - how in the hell do people not see it?

The sad thing is, people have always been blind to corruption and extinction - until it graces their doorstep, then they're the rally of great causes.

Here in the US, Donald Trump became president due to 3 main reasons:

1. The Electoral College chose him. He was not ELECTED in any real sense. You want to know why? Because in the US a representative is expected to vote the way their district leans and votes, BUT if they do not do so and instead break protocol otherwise known as a "faithless elector", then their only real punishment is a $1,000 fine. Many electors did just this instead of voting for Hilary whom they perceived as the 'greater of two evils'. (See point 3.)

2. His daddy's money. Fred Trump made his living back in the day gentrifying black neighborhoods by buying them out for his condos and apartments. It is because of Fred that Donald even has a cent between his tiny fingers. It is because of this massive amount of accumulated wealth that Trump was able to draw from and keep his shenanigans and bullshit running so strongly.

3. Social media/Russian intervention. Because of fear tactics, lies based in more lies, and other quite normal political upheaval, Trump took advantage of social media via direction from multiple people, and none egging him on more than that bitch Roger Stone. In fact he kept the same tactics up, has done so, and is continuing to do so well into his re-election campaign of 2020. Politics is a dirty business, Lisa, but none more so than a businessman wanting to be a politician.

If you watch closely however, he is imploding quicker than he can repair ship. It's only a matter of time before he really fucks up and does something that puts the last nail in the orange coffin, sending the ship and its crew to the bottom of the depths where they belong. It is only going to get uglier.?

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 13:06

Big sal as an irish woman who has never ever stepped foot on American soil !!! And may never ever for all of my days.. Its atrocious to witness what most ( not all Americans support)
Trump alone! Like how the fuck did he get voted as your president? The man is so evil Satan himself gets scared. I dont understand why people follow him. He stands for everything that is wrong and negative...his own wife and daughter never look comfortable in his company and soooo many people dont take notice of that.. To much hate in his soul. Racist prick ' and not shy to express it.. Kanye haha now that shit is funny.. The man is a twisted fool that has no leader ship skills ' gets bossed around by his plastic wife .. Ego yet again.. Their money gives them a sense of power and as sad as it is.. The power is in their hands because of it.... It makes me question peoples ability to know right from wrong. Grown ass adult's thinking its ok to admire such awful being's.. I watched a fb video of fbi agent's arriving to a woman's home all because she posted a comment about trump!! What the fuck .... I laughed not because it was funny but because it was so silly and ridiculous..
I watched all of R.kellys video's about his trial and my stomach fell out' I could not understand how people Had chosen to ignore his acts of pure filth on minor's'.. the jury alone made me sick.. But the parents who had all this information and still allowed him near the children made me faint in disbelief... What the actual FUCK....
Im aware of many catholic priests and I would not send my child into danger zones because not all wore convicted. If their is a chance of a child been misled, a patents job is to avoid and protect.. Not act all angry later because they didnt do their Job at the start.. All because money sighns seemed more important at the time... Makes me soooo angry ... Fucked up prioritys... Arghhhhhhhhh

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 12:38

Lysa If you ever feel you need some sanctuary
Please please come and join us in the 'Temple'

Where united we stand against the oppressors!

Come on in:


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Sat 19th Jan 2019 12:32

Lysa d This is the most insightful poem I have seen here in many a while.

THIS is what powerful poetry is really all about.

Yea the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees

Walking down a leafy lane, Oh! poor me I'm not to blame

The stuff poets write about when they want to lose themselves in some self indulgence to help them and the readers escape what is going on right under their perfumed noses.

The world stinks in so many insidious ways that NOW it is blatantly paraded before us, is in plain sight for all to see.

Wake from your slumberous sojourn poets
and smell the dank rank world that is leaking in to our beautiful landscape's soon their will be nowhere to hide.

As below so above.


Big Sal

Sat 19th Jan 2019 11:22

I guess pissing on little girls on tape and grabbing pussies is never quite enough to alienate most Americans nowadays.

Shit, Kanye wants to run for president and Trump supports it, why don’t we just dig up Walt Disney to use as a damn coat rack?

Things are never too far fetched when dealing with fools.

Glad you said it, Lisa. He’s like a damn cult leader.?

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