You pair are both great :-)

This place has turned into an unwelcoming habitat for hate and riots of hurtful words and negative minds.. I think the both of you have talent, different style's. It does not mean, one is better than the other. Appreciate the differences and remember in God's eyes you are indeed brothers. Please read with an open mind and know that this is me been kind.. Fuck the rhythm fuck the rhymes..

This is definitely a cause for concern...



Is their a possibility

To end all this hostility

Not everyone admires negativity

Sarcasm mixed with wittiness

This place use to be "a place of pure bliss

Now we only witness

Aggression and no forgiveness

Its not fair when we can no longer share

Without going to battle

Most of our view's are now causing other cages to rattle

Today is the day I beg for both to get of that high saddle

Fighting words can hurt, just as much as a smack of a paddle

Crossed wires

Causing fire's

But not all want to burn

Two grown men

Fighting with a pen

Each waiting for there turn 

Please shake hands

Create a new plan

 just ignore so all can soar

And fly higher then ever before

You both are great and that is that 

Take a bow ' remove that hat

Different view's 

Different tool's

Different choice of word's

I think I speak for us all of us

When I say   today's the day to start

The two grown men need to learn

When its time to part..

I end this on a loving note

and I place a big red heart

Lets all be excited for the possibility of a fresh start... Xx




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Thu 31st Jan 2019 23:39

Go L

Go, as in yea! well done.... not as in g.

Daft comment stopped before it even began ;0)


Big Sal

Thu 31st Jan 2019 12:39

MC and Don both know where I stand.

They both shouldn't be provoking others and then I won't talk shit back towards them.

I apologize if you were roped into this at all Lisa, or felt the need to respond. I also apologize for myself continuously involving you in it in any way.

The best thing to do is walk away. Yet I am hoping one of those two reads this, because if they keep it up there will be hell to pay.

I only speak up when someone diminishes my work or someone else's work. If they don't talk any more shit, then I won't either.

But they have to be willing to be the bigger men too, because I refuse to stand for any more of their bullshit.

As for all your distress, please don't take it to heart Lisa. I'm an asshole just telling other assholes what I think of them. I won’t be around for much longer anyways so don’t have to worry.?

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