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This novel crown is not desired,

not sought after or fought for,

nor jewelled in glittering gold

elevating those who bear it.

Giving not riches, power, authority

but conferring weakness and disability,

more like the crown of thorns so long ago

used to torment and humiliate before expiry.

This comes alone with never a belov'ed face

helping to tide them over the brink...

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Fellini in Florence

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Sitting demurely at a cafè table

several young novice priests,

buttoned up in slim black cassocks

with wide-brimmed black hats

not so often seen nowadays.


Suddenly a child-kicked football

flew into the cathedral square.

A conspiratorial glance slid round the group

which as one jumped up to the call.


Twirling whirling, long skirts swirling,

tall supple elegan...

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H & M episode 2

The besotted lad has been bewitched

his royal title from him snitched.

All passion spent he'll feel alone,

will the Prodigal Duke then slink back home?


The lovely enchantress, mother too,

(she produced a dukeling to step in shoe),

tried to commercialize his royal crown

so required a little taking down!


Now the cake's put back in larder,

(couldn't she have tried...

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Happily never after?

(A repost from November 2017)

Hey Hey for the not so merry month of May

but what on earth will the butler say?

Will she make her Markle felt?

Want golden faucets in the loo,

Just like the lovely sTrumpets do?


No shepherd's pie or kidney pud

for Cinderella. Oh no, no good.

Just hominy grits and collard greens

with pumpkin pie and Boston beans

Caesar salad - cookie...

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The Second Sight

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The skulking squall suddenly sprung

choosing three little fishing boats as prey.

The sky became leaden with inky clouds,

a merciless gale howled and shrieked

skimming salt spray off the crests.


Trio of tiny coloured boats bobbing desperately

like  children's nutshell toys.

Planks straining to scale the dark green walls

then crashing down into the troughs again,

all ...

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Joys of Yellow

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Springtime daffodils, crocuses and polished buttercups,

delicately scented fluffy feather-leaved mimosa.

February winter jasmine cascading yellowly

over southern sunwarmed stone walls,

an explosion of tiny briliant forsythia stars.

Hillside covered in cream yellow primroses,

with violets as mutual complement.


Sunrays stealing through shutter slats,

gifting a natural aw...

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The Gloss Has Gone

Family celebration for kin

and old friends of years past,

mainly unrecognizable with

rheumy poached-egg eyes,

strangely perfect teeth,

and features blurred by time.


But one unmistakable, last seen

sporting skin tight white jeans

oozing testosterone from every pore.

Striding down the main street

with his latest glam-girl in tow,

followed by envious or desiring ...

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