17 The Star

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17 – The Star The Bringer of Light


The fool who put his trust in himself and the Divine took the leap of faith and stepped of the edge, even though he did not know what was to be expected when he jumped.

Yet even after the disruption of the Tower and such sudden change to his world the Fool now sees a small ray of hope in the light of Star.

Here the Fool comes to face what is on the other side and here he finds an enlightened awareness of two worlds. This is where the Fool will come to meet the Divine Star and here he will learn to transcend into the awareness of these two worlds and stand to face the Divine warrior within. This is where courage of the heart is born and with the new hope restored in himself and the Divine the Fool now sees a brighter prospect upon his path.

The Fool’s faith, which was tested by the Tower stands to be completely renewed and with the renewal of his hope it ignites a new light into his life.

This is where the Fool finds the Light of the Divine Star will help build an unshakable foundation in who he truly is and here he will find a bond and a stronger connect with the two worlds.

Now ready to direct this energy to further developing his path towards seeking true enlightenment the Fool now learns to focus this new Divine light towards achieving the desires of his heart.

This is where the Fool breaks his mundane chains so that he can move forward free from the pains of the  past, having no restrictions when venturing into the realm of the unknown Heavens.

The Star now teaches the Fool how to master his divine psyche so that his inner intuition can better understand the language of the Heavens and allow him to listen to songs of their hearts.

The Star is the bringer of Light to the Fool’s world and the Fool finds that this light is a comfort to his enlightened heart in the darkest of times.

Interpretation: The Star is a positive card that brings a ray of light and hope back to the situation, restoring the faith and igniting a new light back into the hearts of those who may have lost their way.

The star reminds the seeker to trust in their light and have faith in their intuition and to listen to their inner voice of wisdom, believing the Star to be their guiding light directing them to where they need to be.

This is a good time to blend in the best parts of the past and your ideas for the future together so that you can find some form of emotional balance and spiritual stability within your life.

The Star has to deal with the divine intuitions and emotional connects to your intuitions so perhaps it is a good time to learn to channel your energies to better understanding your chosen path and also to listen to your inner voice when it speaks to you so that you can learn to trust your light inside who is faithfully guiding you. This is also a good time to begin to focus more strongly on your spiritual walk and focus more on reaching a stronger bond with your Divine self and with the realms around you. Learning to master your craft will grant you a curtain awareness of two worlds and by trusting your intuitions you can then reach a higher enlightened connection with your chosen Deities and perhaps then forming a stronger relationship with them as well. Just keep your eyes fixed upon your light and learn to trust that you are on the right path. Always continuing to find that balance so that you can better understand the conflict of your heart and your mind, while still holding onto your courage in remaining faithful to who truly you are. With the light of the Star it promises that you will find joy, good fortune and happiness now in the stage but you need to learn to focus on trusting yourself more.

Sometimes the Star refers to a hidden talent or skill that needs to be developed but the seeker will then need to learn to steer their energies properly and trust that tiny inner light in order to master such hidden talents and skills effectively. However the seeker must be careful not to hold pride in their heart and lose faith in who they are as this can delay the process of finding the answers they seek. The light of the star does bring a lot of promise and a renewal of faith which will ignites a flame inside the hearts of those who have lost their way and this light will shine brightly, guiding you upon your journey ahead. All you need to do is just keep the faith and don’t lose hope in your journey. You will get to where you wish to be. 

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