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Hello all. My name is David Moore I am 61 years of age. I currently live in England with my partner and a crazy dog. I had been posting on WoL for some time as Carlton Creme (nom de plume) The reasons for doing so have been documented in the past by me and are of little relevance now. Needless to say I did so out of necessity at the time. I believe the conditions of that necessity no longer exist and am much relieved that it is so. I am aware that there are those here who seemingly desperatly despise me, I would say to them as much as I flinch at Wagner I love his stuff. Beyond that, meeting in the middle has always been the beginnings of betterment. We exist in a world where some write poetry presuming to direct their leaders to navigate toward peace and reconcilliation. Whilst they themselves withhold forgiveness for minor transgressions against their own fragile sensitivities by those who have offered the olive branch of hope. Surely before we can fix the world we should look to ourselves? I have an independent site on which I post my scribblings. Additionally, I post audio and video content which includes readings and discussion regarding some of the pieces and their influences and/or of facts relevant to them, the site is called "Notes from Life" David Moore. The link is posted below. My apologies for repeated profile updates recently. Once I have adjusted it satisfactorily I will leave it be. Thanks for your understanding.

Links to video chats about posted poems

Below are links to video ramblings regarding poems I have posted on this site. When opened the video link is often beneath the posted text of the poem. Feel free to comment and offer alternate opinions if you would like to. Oh Jerusalem, why hast thou forsaken them? Beyond the blinding light & Cloistered Empty Sky, No Window, In The Library of Needless Regret & Disinterred Exit Covenant Distance over time Turtle Survival Classes War Poet Seventeen Moments of Spring Early Walk Scrap yard philosophy, too late Wild Dogs World Food Programme (WFP) Chair Leg Beyond the Valley Oystercatcher Volcano Medals Schmedals Mutter

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by David RL Moore

Suspended (17/04/2024)

Mutter (15/04/2024)

Medals Schmedals (06/04/2024)

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