paints over the natural

the green and good

pavement poured into

parking lots



roads upon roads

we crisscross

our land with pavement

millions of miles

and wonder why

we have floods

and global warming

there is no place

for rain to go

the sun radiates its anger

sizzles on pavement

rain and shine

are orphans without a home

no place to settle in

to bless this blemished earth

one day

we will look like Mars or Moon

and wonder where

all the trees went.






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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Jan 2019 09:29

The one that's museumed
Before your eyes
We're sorry folks
Is fossilised

It just dried up
Gave up the ghost
Now pavement rules
Coast to coast 😎

Nice lines here dk. Good poem


Wed 9th Jan 2019 23:13

See the trees
while you can still see 'em
the last one left
now in a Museum!


Big Sal

Wed 9th Jan 2019 15:24

More like Easter Island, with an explanation and plenty of dumb reasons. 😐

Deforestation still threatens more life than any mass murderer or terrorist, and people will never come to terms with this. By the time they do - yes, Earth will already resemble Mars. Or just the pothole in the street.

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