When bad stuff happens

it is always the fault of somebody

I don't know why it is

but somebody is always

screwing things up

making errors of judgment

or execution

I don't know why somebody

doesn't do something about it

why doesn't somebody think things through

or plan things out

somebody is always failing

it's obvious to anybody

I sure am glad

I am not like somebody

I don't make mistakes

but even if I do

I blame it on somebody else

it's the perfect excuse

for somebody like me.


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Martin Elder

Sun 13th Jan 2019 23:10

I am always concerned that the older I get the more intolerant I get, so blaming somebody else is nothing new for me.
Nice one D

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Brian Maryon

Sun 13th Jan 2019 18:07

First rule at work...if something goes well - take the credit; if it doesn't go well - find someone to blame.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 13th Jan 2019 17:50

Human nature rarely changes. Arrogance in public life is the most
obvious source of cock-ups. In private life, it is usually a resistance
to admitting fault (pride!) and even making a virtue of it when it does
occur (the "meant well" syndrome).
These lines are a good illustration of the situation.

jennifer Malden

Sun 13th Jan 2019 17:04

Nice! Everybody makes mistakes, but nobody admits screwing up anything anywhere!



Sun 13th Jan 2019 15:13

yep bet this will make somebody think


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