7 The Chariot

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7 – The Chariot Integrating Opposites

Having learned about the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine and of duality and the opposites, the fool must now learn to control and balance those opposing forces both internally and externally as he continues to move forward upon his journey. In order for him to run a steady course he needs to realise that life involves conflict and compromise and he needs to truly master the balance between all the forces that come his way and here he will learn that he will need to bring them together in order to form a working whole. The only way to move forward is to bring together that which conflicts one another so they may learn to work as one to achieve the desired results. Mastering of the opposing forces is not an easy task so here the Fool will come to understand that life is all about working in harmony with nature and the divine so that he can find within himself the courage to achieve what he has set himself out to do. Here he learns to find a balance with both the internal and external conflicting aspects of himself by learning to work as one with all aspects of life. As The Chariot of life is forever moving forward at a steady pace this is where the Fool will need to learn to be in control of exactly where he wants that chariot to lead. Upon this Chariot of life The Fool will gain a better understanding of how duality works and with that understanding he can go a very long way. Here he will also learn that working well with others serves to be more beneficial for not only himself but also for the great purpose of Enlightenment. This is where the Fool will find that the path of Enlightenment is not an easy path to walk upon and often that path will lead him down roads he never dreamed to be possible. Here the Chariot of life will take the Fool beyond the mundane world of existence and into the realms of the Divine.


Interpretation: The Chariot represents moving forward and moving forward in harmony, it tells the seeker that they need to be mindful and harness the opposing forces with not only themselves but in life as well before they will be able to move forward. This card indicates to the seeker that they are capable of taking control of the situation but be warned you must then steer your course at a steady pace. This card tells the seeker that a stable course between both the conflicting thoughts and the conflicting feelings you have are in order and that you can find a balance in whatever is causing you to lead astray. If you seek out this balance within yourself you will be able to stay on such a course if you learn to maintain and hold true to yourself and to that balance within. You will find that if you continue to move forward faithfully, your problems and troubles will remain behind you and by being in control of yourself life will be a smoother ride. The Chariot also comes to remind you of the luxuries of life and that you should always try to find the joy in your life and seek out the song of your heart and try to always keep it with you no matter what, for in your times of troubles it will be a guiding light for you to find your way again. Especially if you take the reins of your life with both hands and steer your course in the right direction.

Whatever the situation you asked about this card tells us that everything will come out in your favour if you remain mindful of where you are going. If you keep a clear mind and a be still at heart you can navigate your way nicely to where you wish to be. Yet, the chariot warns the seeker that they must at all times seek the balance that they need and always remember to be in control of your own destiny so that you may know where it is you would like your path to lead you. Try not to dwell on the past to much but never forget where it is you came from so that you may determine where it is you would like to be.

The Chariot can also literally mean to travel so perhaps be ready to take that new adventure you have for so long desired to undertake.  Just take the reins and start to move forward and you will be amazed at where you can find yourself. 

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