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Wall Painter

She painted her walls, blue and red

As the fall launched into her flat

His spirit, brought by the evening sun, 

a beam of light, 

scattering through the small windows 

of the backyard house on hazy days

It made her face her solitude.


And finally winter came 

and stepped into the rooms:


The past enteres the present 

the present decents into the past. 

The ...

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Time travels

Three little sparrows came across my way

Church bells ringing in the air of dust and speed

as the night falls into the day

and the fall whispers to the heat of the city


Time travels

The sparrows turn into light

when they leave the ground

and start their flight

Life unravels

at the crossing of darkness and bright


I follow the birds

The smoke of a finished ...

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Holding the tide

In the waves of the ocean

There is no one else

but us and the notion

Of the birds and the whistling leaves

That crawl into the room 

Where we lay in the sheets

And I drown in the rhyme 

That you paint in my mind

Drawing a line, deep and insane, between

beauty and pain


The birds outside these ocean walls

They sing their noisy song

The pressure in my chest, i...

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on the balcony

there you are, behind the glass

so close, so far

and time's too fast, for us

cause it's timeless what we want to be

and how we want to see 

the grains of our love growing into a mystic tree


sitting on my wooden chair

your legs crossed, a face cold as frost,

the gaze turned to the ground

your body bounded in the kettles

that you chose a long time ago

you cannot...

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light as light

in the rush of the city,
the uncertainty, the sorrow, the pain,
there is a haven peculiar and pretty
that shines a light on us
beautiful, insane

the walls, so high, they gather the light
during the day
it radiates through the surfaces,
and when the sun sets down
it warms the night

and the minds flow
when music feeds the souls
and passes strenuous thoughts
turning them into red triangl...

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Under the Cover of the Snow

Under the cover of the snow

there is a place you don’t know,


Cause it’s too soon, you say,

too soon.


The crescent moon

rests on the sky,

the snow blanket is heavy and high.

And so I stamp through the trebly snow,

I stamp through the trebly snow.


The sun sets behind the arctic hill.

Snowy trees in colours of rose and blue fill


They embrace m...

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Small fishes in shoals

entry picture

The bus rolls down the highway road.

Small fishes in shoals

travelling through my belly, my chest, my throat.


Your ruthless sun burns my skin.

It pierces through the pale glass

of the window, while the wheels just spin

and my mind tries to run

further away

from your bright bright sun.

But I can't. I just can't.

And I try.

And I fight the light.

But I can'...

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I just go

entry picture

Limping through the park

The waterfall flows wistfully

a straight line of cars continues the movement

at the end of its stream


It’s getting dark in the park


like small light balls

the cars they beam


I watch this transition from above

Something inside of me, a gleam,

and the sense of shove,

makes me want to scream

But I stay silent and contin...

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Red Stripes on the Floor

I slide, I turn

I jump and fall

Shift my weight from foot to foot

To my hands

Lean my back against the wall


I slide, I turn

I slip in front of her

Blood circles

And sticks like glue

On my black pants


I slide, I turn

Wounds on my skin

I follow her commands


A wave catches my body

My body, the shore

The nail polish of my toes leaves red stri...

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take me and let me be bewitched

by your whirling beauty

let me vibrate in your impassioned pulse

and hover on the edge of

heaven and hell




cut of the borders

bring me to a world without divisions

a place where day and night are one

a molten mass

flowing into the flesh under my skin


and out again —

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The shout!

Chords they penetrate

the chambers of her mind

In each room a different sound

another melody combined

with rhythms glucking, aggressive and refined

Should she let go?

Open the doors and let the music be free?


It’s the first day of the year.

The window opens

The air is light, the sky is clear

Her lungs filled with freedom

A shout into the open space!

Her voi...

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In the wind

Wuthering words flying in the wind

they colour the room

Blown kisses print

our bodies

Eyes they shine, cheeks they bloom


His body like a wave

Drenches me

Water gets in my eyes

I cry in the cave

by the lonely sea


I am the universe, he says, I am a star

The waves they crash

they scar

the cave in the sea, my mind

my dreams


He presses me on t...

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entry picture

Walking, along the silent street

In the darkness, the snow glints like fire

I scrunch it with my naked feet

It burns, it tingles

It’s the burning I desire


In front of me, a wet black hole

surrounded by blue ice

I tremble in my flesh and soul

I’m here, I’m there, in no disguise

And every step I take leaves a print

I measure with my eyes


Then a splash, a br...

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