the girl with the curves wishes she was thinner

the girl with narrow hips wishes her breasts were bigger


the girl with the acne wishes her skin was clear

the girl with clear skin wishes her freckles would disappear 


the girl with intelligence wishes she was pretty

the girl with beauty wishes classes were easy


the girl with straight hair wishes it was curly

the girl with the curls wishes it wasn't unruly


the girl with a high flying career wishes she was a mum

the girl with three kids wishes she was the boss


the girl with no job wishes for money

the girl with the riches wishes she wasn't lonely


the girl, which girl?

she's all of us


insecurities , self inflicted flaws, envy and expectations

weigh down our souls


Be brave

Be you

Be free



◄ ingrained


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Mae Foreman

Tue 29th Jan 2019 16:00

Loved it! ?
Thank you

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Tue 29th Jan 2019 15:44

Great wealth of common sense often avoided in perceiving the idealized . Bravo! There are also many reasons here for moral support from partners, often not forthcoming.

Viva les femmes.


Big Sal

Mon 28th Jan 2019 19:03

It's been a spell since you last posted.

Welcome back.

Nice piece of poetry here.?

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