Two way conversation

A two way conversation is something very nice,

Because you both can talk in a way that is very concise,

One way talking could be something so unkind,

But the art of conversation can help you with your mind,

To fuse two minds together can become one,

If you do your pain will be gone,

To share and care is a special thing indeed,

It takes the nucleus to plant the seed,

What you reep is what you sow,

Watch this space and watch it grow,

The mysteries of life will all become apparent,

When you leave all the ones behind who are arrogant,

Don't worry about the future don't about the past,

And your pain won't last,

The future looks bright if you see it in the right way,

Have achieveable goals you may find you have a strong heart and a strong soul,

If you have then you may find your mind is stronger than you think,

Then the future looks good all the good people to link.


Pip Thomas



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 16:34

A good constructive message in these lines.
Pick and choose
Your personal views
And send them out
Like ships on the scout.

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