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Flor de Mai

You were languishing in your supermarket prison,

surrounded by your companions wearing Mexican hats.

Googly eyes pierced their flesh with thick black moustaches,

drooping and glued underneath.

I rescued you and your fellow inmates from your humiliation.

Today, you sit proudly on the studio desk lit by the sunshine.

Your fleshy leaf-like pads have stretched out into the room with ...

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blooming healthCactusFlor de Maiplantsrescue

English is Greek to me!

English, a language, rich and refined;

All too often, boggles the mind;

The plural of goose is geese;

But, the plural of noose is nooses?

Fellow poets, help me please!

Two mongeese? Or two mongooses?


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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

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All of Beethoven's music I truly adore.

It is something I have to come back to for more.

It reaches my soul more than anything else,

And it comforts my heart when I am by myself.


In his music he shares every part of his life.

He gives us great strength when once there was strife.

He shows the triumph of his spirit over adversity

In remarkable sonatas, concertos and sympho...

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BeethovenClassical musicMusicStuart Vanner

Time travels

Three little sparrows came across my way

Church bells ringing in the air of dust and speed

as the night falls into the day

and the fall whispers to the heat of the city


Time travels

The sparrows turn into light

when they leave the ground

and start their flight

Life unravels

at the crossing of darkness and bright


I follow the birds

The smoke of a finished ...

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The Lonley Pale Flower

I always knew deep down inside the sunshine was only a semi-permanent thing. Who knows what the forecast could bring. Some days the sunshine shined so bright it kissed my skin, and warmed my soul. Were other days, a dark cloud with an antisocial overcast hid it's comforts. Leaving me like a abandoned flower just wilting away. Who really knows why the sunshine was hiding behind those dark heavey cl...

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Also by Amanda Ann;:

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Always favoured theory over theology,

Followed the facts and not the mythology.

Cold logical heart burns a hole,

But fairy stories never saved a soul.

Medicine and science can’t explain,

How final release would ease my brain.

Above all of us, there's an eternal truth,

That when life ends, the dying ends too.

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What's Left?

entry picture

Here's the science bit... the left side of the brain is where visuals and imaginative ideas are constructed and so....

Is someone being misleading

Telling tales Oh So deceiving?

With every word they utter

There just ain't 

No believing

Still searching for the truth

But not a single trace

One thing  that you must do

Look straight 


Their face

As soon as you'v...

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entry picture

Where is the magic?

We all start out knowing magic.

We are born with hurricanes and whirlwinds,

oceans and galaxies inside us.

We are able to sing to birds and read the clouds

and see the destiny in grains of sand.

But we have forgotten the magic

and we feel without compass, alone and desperately,

only selfishness, only pain, fear and darkness.

But, magic of love has nev...

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Also by alexis karpouzos:



Wake the dead!

Don't scream so loud,you'll wake the dead

I'd rather that they stayed in bed!

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Also by Zoë:

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A new chapter

Beginning anew

Hoping success

For me and you


A start

Relation blooms

Greater care

Forever stays


I'm ready

So is you

All sounds well

Happiness dwells


Where to restart

Hello, Hi or greetings new

I wish what you want, i Knew

Soul searching, forever renew


Welcome friend

Hold my hand 

Gliding through

Skies blue

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The man inside



He stopped himself from leaving today

went to the pub

put the blade away


He stopped himself from Killing today

shut his mouth

he’d got nothing to say


He stopped himself from feeling today

opened the bottle

let his demons play


He stopped himself from loving today

in his scared to death for them

fatherly way


He ...

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A heavy shadow in my heart

In this darkness I did start

To slowly drift and then to sway

And now I have been swept away

On a journey far and wide

A quest to find the light inside

The truest feelings of them all

Staggering, tho not to fall

I seek to know the truest love

And from this darkness rise above

To free my heart from shade and blight

To find the purest, whit...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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Who are you?
Lost you.
Damaged you.
A you who has locked yourself away.
Are you vengeful?
Wrecked by pride?
Do you recognise your own face in the mirror -
this new man at odds with the one I used to know- 
the old you would have rejected the man you appear to have become.

But it is not within my heart to reject you.
How can I cast you aside?
You, who meant so much to me.
You, who wou...

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Also by Kate G:

Gentle activist | Sadness | Antipathy |

Ecocide- A Ghazal

Atlas has fallen to his knees for heavy is the burden of Man

And the shoulders of the Earth quake and sway under the burden of Man.


The shoe wounds the soil like shame wounds the soul

And his own mother's cheek scathed and mangled under the heel of Man


And little Wild-Girl-Shrub tamed and trimmed, confined in a concrete corner

Now the air smells of pine and essence of life...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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Your words

I still sneak an unsafe peek at,

Dangerous only to myself.

I can't help but wonder 

How far this plane will travel 

Before you realize 

That I am already in the sky,

Miles and miles and miles 

Away from you,

But still close enough

That your words 

Have not ceased their echoing.

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La petite mort

I see the fingers of wind

Caressive, seductive

Feeling through the quiet leaves

Stirring them to motion

Quivering helplessly,

Teasing them with freedom

And flight.



It reminds me of the potent saying:

'La petite mort' - 'The little death'.

One of the best captures

Of fulsome orgasm

That I have ever encountered.

'Vive La France!'




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Town Character


There was always someone in town

who stood out from the crowd

he was the Town Character

most small towns used to have them

until TV came along

and made everyone the same

but back in the day

there was always one person in town

who was a character

known for his long hair or odd dress

his weird opinions or non-conformity

he was they guy who would not fit in


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Missing Life

She sits on her lonely bed
with a cigarette in her hand
She feels the acid in her belly
and sweat across her forehead
Missing the pictures on the wall
and the happy days gone by
Thoughts run through her head
and sorrow fills her heart
Missing the painted dreams
she is lost in her world
Bearing the old burdens
and scars that won't heal
Taken by the mist of her pain
she longs for better...

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The time has come

We need to talk

It’s OK... just say it


The truth


Oh, how it hurts

The fire

Let’s let it burn


The flames the smoke

Let’s breathe it in

It will turn to dust our sins


It’s OK

Let’s have our new beginning




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Also by Julia:

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Double delight of mother's twin expectation

I'm having twins ,heavens above!

Ahead, much joy,amazement and love.

Suddenly my pregnancy is a double delight,

Can't wait to see them together in their cot at night.

Will I give them names starting with the same letter?

Rhyming ,matching,soundlike might be better.

Lots of questions cross my mind,

Will their finger prints be the same kind?

Will they share a secret language ...

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Also by hugh:

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Stranger At The Hearth

Hold hard friend and give your attention to this oft rendered tale,

In truth I share it with thee for tis one ignored at your peril,

As we sit here happily ensconced twixt warm hearth and cold ale,

Let me warn ee of the dangerous temptings cast by the the devil.


First look at the ale that be there in thy hand,

And recall the times it crept upon ee til recollection had died yet,


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Cat Beats Gecko

 new poem

Cat Beats Gecko

and her skin is translucent as I
Will her into being, so many
planets that numbers
transcend like five eyes
blinking for the last time…


… there is an island where more horrrors
than you could humanly conceive occur, are
occurring this very moment but
draining a swamp is a lot 
more dangerous than you think;
for the lizards come out dry and snappin...

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A Toilet for Daisy

entry picture

A Toilet for Daisy


We recently had the privilege of hearing long-standing WOLer and bovine expert Mr John Coopey share with us his knowledge on how to DIY artificially inseminate our pet bulls. Thankyou for sharing this knowledge with us Mr Coopey. We enjoy a bit of bull every now and again.

Inspired by this I sent my Muse to trawl our cowsheds for inspiration. I specifically tol...

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Sound of Rain

Heat lightning flicker flashed

paparazzi in fog drop draped dark

flash bulbs pop thunder

distant and static then


Morning rain rhythms

metal merengue

roof rumba


Rain is silent as it falls


pooling puddle gulp

leaf drip plip

splish splash splosh

at the end of its drop


We wait unknowing

the sound we'll make

after our descent

it's ech...

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Problem Solving

In an organisation where there are too many leaders with best leadership qualities, it's difficult to judge the best solution for any problem. Having intellectuals is a blessing not a bane, if the right method is implemented inorder to achieve the targets.

To cut the long topic short, i will directly come to the point. Without wasting much time, we shall now analyse the best way to combat a dif...

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How do I love? (Part 2)

entry picture

How do I love?
Wondered the struggling eyes,
As sun's rays reached the pale face,
Into another morning of inquiry,
Whether to carry on or linger,
From, perhaps, a hope for two souls,
That had no home,
Wandering around,
Looking and searching,
For, if haven was impossible,
At least a shelter to thrive on,
But to only provide what it needs,
One must let go,
A sacrifice,
For hope to live...

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#peacehomelifelife's choiceslove

Ladies and gentleman we're not even in space, no need to rush in

I’m sorry that I can’t bring myself to like the stories from the book you’ve been reading,
in all honesty all I can see are empty words that are misleading.
Late night arguments,
and even later apologies,
could this really be the pinnacle of conflicting ideologies.

Brown sugar coated lies,
wearing a sweet disguise,
frowned upon by the broken,
unspoken truths,
trapped behind those beauti...

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My father's son


Steel sharpened to a razor point, used as a blade,

On a day when I was a boy, you a man,

Shards of glass stain still this young boy's blood -

Try grabbing the sharpness of glass as you fall,

Bloody hands sliding down a wall.

At this moment held in perpetuity 

A thirty-second item on the local evening news

Framed in the mind of the viewers by stereotypes of blame:


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I used to work with a guy called

Dent whose sister’s name was

Pru – she went off the rails when

she over spent which was hardly

very prudent. Dent went to Kent

whilst Pru cleaned the Gents to

pay off all the debt collectors.

Pru now lives in a caravan and

rues the very day her marbles

went – and Dent lives in a tent

somewhere near Brent – I guess


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Also by Philipos:



entry picture

So like I was telling you, I’ve always considered myself as something of a MOTW but recent events have shown that even I can always find something new to learn.

Take Ben.  He’s just started working on a cow farm and he was telling us about how the cows were inseminated. 

“By the bull” I hear you say; and, strictly speaking, you’d be right.  But not normally by the farmer’s bull.

See, he b...

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Also by John Coopey:


An Annoying Riddle

My first is in teapot but not in kettle

My second is in iron but not in metal

My third is in win but not in lose

My fourth is in sport but not in news

My fifth is in rhythm but not in tune

My sixth is in April but not in June

My seventh is in single but not in double

My eighth is in danger but not in trouble,

    What am I?

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Also by branwell kent:

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Catch & Release

Again – 

The Door.



there was no answer.


I cross – 

dust behind;

stain hath followed.


Forgive Me.

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entry picture

Poem 159 of 230: WINDERMERE - SUMMER 2001


C2 F3 G2 F3 D1 F3 D2 C1 C3
B2 G3 F2 A1 G3 B2 C’1 C’3
C2 F3 G2 F3 D1 F3 D2 C1 C3
B2 G3 F2 A1 G3 B2 C’1 C’3

C2 F2 B2 E’2
E’1 D’1 C’1 B1 A1 G1 F3
C2 F2 B2 E’2
E’1 D’1 C’1 B1 A1 G1 F3) 

Some thirteen years from my first visit 
(Then, dropped - from hitching - just near;
This time, by train and a downhill walk),
I arr...

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entry picture

Observe dear, the way August hides
it's luminescence,
absorbs it's magic through the veins of our town,
going back in time, conquering places,
searching for the last tone to catch
the sound.

And it looks like we were here before,
and it looks like we are still part of
one whole,
this lifestyle blew us out of control,
all that we left,
hidden tattoos on our soul.

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

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life writinglove poetrypoetry eventwriting

O Sleep,O Dreams !

entry picture

How good our cosy sleep !

How good!

The burning smell does not bother


The roomfreshners are doing their jobs.

ok,we need not heed their problems.

We just sleep.

Nightmares are our friends.

Dreams are dead letters.

Hush!We are sleeping.

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Celebration Day |


At least at the last chance saloon

You might be able to rest easy for a while

Maybe have a drink or two

Listen to good music


In this den of no hopers

Desperate prayers fly up

Dreams come crashing down

And all that's left is another gamble


The one armed-bandit turned slowly

Into a whole new ball game


The odds were fixed on the screens

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The Awakening

entry picture

(I have been urged by a dear, dear soul mate to publish this again. So here it is..)



Unhindered. Uncensored.

You speak of freedom.

But imprisoned within your prejudiced cell,

chained to your capitalist creed,

trapped within sexist differentials

drunk on delusion

Opinion coloured by your petty black and white dichotomies.

Then the grating sound of rolling ...

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Also by ray pool:



I sent my invitation 

to the voices in my head

Then emptied out my mind

to weigh on what they said


I’m musing my responses

I thought I would be fine 

But I’m falling out of kilter

at least one step behind 


I’m standing where I should be

But it’s empty space and time

And nowhere is a place 

Where there is no paradigm 


So is this a destination  


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The wide pale blue, milk stirred through it

a vague moon still out, horses’ tails lash satin

it’ll be warm soon.


Bella, my holidog, weaves

under early elderberries

with her typical hoovering nose sweep

just the occasional frown back

as if to say,

‘you’re not too good at this, are you?’

I respond despondently.


All the nature fruit seems early

blacks, hips,...

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My Parents Went To Cancún

you got a shiny new bike

all I ever got was love


doing headstands on a mountainside

all I ever got was love


in a world of shiny things 

you’ve gone insane 


maybe I can help you with this 

in my own way 


you want everything 

all I ever got was love 


past the point of embarrassing 

when jungles are burning up


and you’re spinning in yo...

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and i begin to fade

entry picture

   the world

               when I'm alone

   loses it's color

                 without you


                                     and i begin to fade

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Also by Eiren Water:

& love & need & love & need... | Tried, I did. | I said to him one afternoon... | story time |

clothes bank blues (revised)

early morning at the clothes bank.

filling the scoop wondering

what will become of my

too-tight 501s. - black.


and stretch-waist Terylene

‘sta-prest’ work slacks - navy.


will an immigrant from overseas

cut a dash in them?

a sub-Saharan African?

or a local street vagrant?


will they be pulped,

reduced to newsprint?

sold on ebay?


beats me.


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Also by Rick:

true story (sort of) | Terry Street - revisited (after Douglas Dunn) |

Mockeries of pacifism

As to the battle's insisted upon

by the bloodthirsty

rejections abound

but with the enforcer's weapon

placed against foreheads-impossible?


fulfilling their murderously disguised duties

has to be

staining the soul? staining the earth?

no need to worry on that score say the hierarchies 

Arguments on behalf of peace are always sidelined

the mass killings of and by t...

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In charge of poetry readings (aloud)

entry picture

 Also if chosen I would insist on the following that:                                             


1) Speakers have a full head of hair.

2) Speakers are under 30 years of age.

3) Speakers are are NOT allowed to put a finger in their ear.

4) Speakers are only allowed to give a recital when there are 50+ people in the room.

5) No group fotos are allowed.

6) No shirts outside t...

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Fucky ducky

fucky fucky foo

fuckalus duckalus

down in the guttalus

shit on my shoe

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entry picture

Hot weather sweat drag
Swatting at flys and nothing
Looking for something to get you through
Collecting morning dew on your ripped shoes
Trying to understand the blues like B.B. told us
Lovelust, leaking from my eyes when you touch my shoulder
Pitchers poured, ideals gored, truth twisted taut
A lot that could go wrong, all over the world getting lost
The bugs will outlast us, the way we're...

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(Remembering The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis) Urgent Memo from High Command

His Most High, Excellent Awfulness, Lord of the Winged Hordes

Reminds all viceroys, manipulators and controllers

That we are at war!

The coming invasion will fail for we are everywhere.

Darkness covers the earth, complete domination is near.

Fear Me with full awe!

For My reward for failure is excruciating pain,

So make very sure My reign extends and deepens all unseen

Till ...

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awarenessC;S;Lewiscontrolmanipulatorsspiritual warfare

Let the wind free

entry picture

Let the wind free

Where 'er you may be

Church or Chapel

Let it rattle

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entry picture

Searching for socratic inspiration

pen craves poetic appetite

emotional sunbeams golden moments

first taste not enough.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Ambush |

Hungry for more


I wish I owned

a big house 

with a big wall 

so that everyone


I love and have 

ever loved were

all inside, safe, 

sound and warm.


Because a storm

has come now

to engulf us,

to tear us apart.


We’ll need glue

and haberdashery.

laughter, patience. 

My mothers lucky charms.



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Also by Ralph Dartford:

The Paint Stained Screamer (after David Hockney) | What Thought Did |

The Bottle

The Bottle


From out of a bottle

comes not a genie

but a cloud arises

as a fog to the mind

A hazy perspective is formed

as illusions are created

a temprament is tainted

The bottle is replenished

fog and mists do envelope

an abstract control is formed

which distorts and damages

even others about

Put the genie back inside

reseal the bottle

breathe a c...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Das Reich ist gefallen | Heart Attack | Damaged for life | All around us | The Elite | A Reverie | The Emperor came to call |

Percolated down to every bone

Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!


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hopelifelovesatisfactionunrequited love

The Shaman In The Park

He walks as he chants, feeling the grass beneath his feet

Smiling inwardly, he knows who he came here to meet

Sacred sounds reverberate, into air and within the ground

Soon it happens, by him they swoop, begin to fly around

Warmer weather is here, swallows confirming this

As by fractions of a centimetre our shaman they miss

Feeling his energy, chanting he continues, projecting lo...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

ARE YOU READY? | Talking to Myself | Supermarket | EVE? |

#nature #poem

To Know Her

I believe if we knew love as more than four letters,

perhaps when we met her, we would let her stay.


I belive when we all know her on a first name basis,

she will still somehow look like hundreds of faces.


I believe that where love is,

there healing also dwells.

In the little house that is so often driven by.


The very thing that hurt me, healed me.


So I ...

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Is nothing sacred anymore?

What a dumb thing to ask.

Burn the world down, 

For all I care. 

Just save me for last.


Not even death can save us,

We strange, confused animals.

Once it was all there was,

And now it is all there is,

And soon it will be nothing more

Than a choice

For me and you.


The world ended,

And we missed it.

Too high to see it,


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Also by R.C. Roberts:

The Leaves Covering the Heart | Kissing the Sun | Stealing from Nietzsche's Wine Cellar | A Spider's Furnace |


entry picture

Even when the skies are forecast,

your unwavering presence

puts my heart at ease.


Though I may not see,

I can certainly feel

you are there.

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symphony of love

entry picture

Shallow brains,gather loniness.Fear brings about a weak soul.we were one but you made us two....

Close your eyes and cry me a tune,,for you miss me but i never think of you.

Maybe i'm over thinking,or maybe its you,,maybe everything you talked about could be true.

Sometimes you never know what to expect ,sometimes it recks your inside.There is a space where a heart once belonged.

My fi...

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Also by Blackrose:

The wrong step toward things👣 | Insanity💋 | My tea cup💕 |


"Mom, the day I grow up,

I will earn lot of money

and will gift you all the luxury." 

A kid promised his mother,

seeing her in old faded saree.

Kid grew up,

earned lot of money,

but forgot his promise. 



All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Me and my poetries❤️ | Storm and sunshine | Tale of tiny wings |

Koi toe mera hota!!!

Ik khayal yun he merey dil mey ata hai

Chahat key nagmey sunney ka waqt mera bhi aya hai

Yeh ik ehsas hai zaruri, sochta hai dil meyra bhi

Kash koi toe ho, jo meyrey liyey bhi aahein bharta

Kash koi toe aisa hota jo mujhko bhi khat likhta

Kash koi hota jo mujhsey sachchi muhabbat karta

Jitna main chahtee hoon usko, kaash koi mujhko bhi chaahta

Ik ehsaas dil ka dil mey ufanta h...

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Also by Merey Jazbaat:

Meri mohabbat sirf tum ho!! | aie kaash!!! |

Ranting Reg

The patients wait patiently for his dulcet tones
He sits there with headset and microphone
Most maybe sick and lying in bed
But they still can’t wait to hear Ranting Reg

If it’s cricket scores you want to hear
Or old music remixed and well stirred
Lie back, tune in, just give it a whirl
and listen to Ranting Reg

Ranting Reg knows his stuff
Of Ranting Reg can’t get enough
He plays the...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Naturally Innate | Rumours | Rats | My Kind of Life |

War like Tracy

war like shining light exalted one
person of power she is one
never a nemesis too far from home
but always protected
never alone
no unfinished battle
left un Faught
no wasted battles
at war she was taught
war like mother
repetition of name
from the strongest of wombs
comes stronger again
although her title stages a fight
right in the middle a shining light
this says it all to me she...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

Joe | Laurel tree victorious bright sea(laura) | Sister | Put the fire out | Extra Large Sized Men's Padded Hooded Parker |

best friendtracy

at the hospital

 At the hospital


At the waiting sit my wife is in with her doctor

In front of me to comely women sit one wears

A big bun in the back of her hair, the other one

A smaller bun.

I speculate if this bun difference manifests 

Itself in their nether regions. My moral self,

steps in: don’t think like that the Me-too will

come after you, and that is scary,

A woman in a whee...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

travel light | sharks | A Family | a beach in cascais | the way | the king | a small collection | the first voyage | before daylight | early one morning | the passing of time | separate tables | would-be-writer | broken mirror | literature & booze | snow 1956 | identity | our dogs | the tremor | my life | what happen to ringss |

I hope I taught my children enough





With age, I can’t help wondering.

If I taught my children, enough.

Teaching them what they need to know

To get through their day-to-day life.


Like being respectful to all they meet.

Saying thank you, please and bless you

To friendly strangers they greet.

Teaching them kindness, I hope will be enough.


I hope it’s enough to teach them patience.


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Also by Belinda Sue Kiser:

A Destiny Divine | Ocean City Marland | Did You Know I Have Cancer | Hurricane Sandy | Patience |

Slow Move To Fall

entry picture

The argument stops. Slowly the heat dissipates;

clouds drift away over torrid skies.


The silence is broken by a dripping tap;

water easing past a damaged washer,

falls, swells and falls again.


A few words return; the question is repeated,

hanging on each pulse and breath.


The droplet hangs too,

bending the light,

distilling this moment and mocking the room...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

Still Life | Gift | If I wanted to ... |

Heart To Heart

What comes from the heart, 

goes to the heart.

Every word uttered and

every thought, thought.

It always ends where it starts. 

Every piece given, 

is always replenished. 

Like water to a river,

Love flows through our veins, 

ever changing,

yet still remains.    


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Also by DeVaughn:

No Conspiracy |

Contusion Blues

Have I caught a cold?
I can feel it in my bones
this hollow sense that I can’t shake
when I gauge the current state

Newspaper, newspaper
you’re not paper anymore
and it’s not news
just the inevitable unfolding
an unstoppable rolling
towards flag waving
a dismantling, dividing
dis-united kingdom

This news, this news
gives me contusion blues…

Politics is broken, democracy’s a jok...

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Also by Tom:

We Were Beautiful | Don't Look And It Won't Hurt |

bleakcolddemocracymodern lifenewspoliticssicknessukus


I'm sorry for inviting myself I just wanted to spend more time with you
And if I'm in your way I'll stand in the corner and wait for you

Now I'm sorry to be a bother but do you think I can have some water
To wash away my insecurities but I know you'll give them back to me

I don't know what you want from me but I just want your company
Find what you're looking for and take it all from me


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Also by Nick:

Dejection. |


One day

Share all the love
within your soul.
one day,
it will find
its way 
into your broken heart
... and stay.

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Also by Allyzone Spoken Word:

A river of memories | Inside my soul | Darkness and a pretty smile | Dance with me | Dandelion | Memories of you | Right here |



 sorry ; to the hearts I abused '

The lies i told , and those I used.

The pain I caused and tears I made fall,

These deep;  I'm sorry's  : goes out to all.


 A child thats growing,  will make mistakes

Until one day:  knowledge;  will take it's  place .


Without wrongs ' there are no rights

Without struggles ' there are no fights. 


No longer a child : yet mistak...

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Also by Lysa d:

You're power |


If, armed with our forebears' fortitude, we steer

Our watchful way past Project Fear

Towards the light beyond the exit

Of the delayed departure point called Brexit,

With them in spirit, once more we'll fly

Across the welcoming world-wrapped sky.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


A Love So Deep, I Can Not Sleep

A love so deep, I can not sleep.

Forever awake in a bliss, endless dream

I guess my thoughts are yours to keep.


Alone again, I tried counting sheep

But even in the dark empty you brightly gleam

A love so deep, I can not sleep


Even as I make my fearful leap,

I see you, in the peaceful stream.

I guess my thoughts are yours to keep


It’s been so long I can’t h...

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love poempoemvillanelle


I struggle greatly with the idea that I am inconsequential.
That I am but a flash in the lives of those whom I cherish.

It takes not but a moment for me to be convinced that my time in their hearts has expired.
Yet several lifetimes could pass, and I would still fear the day my nightmarish internal prophecy would be realized.

The warmth of someone’s love confuses...

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My Haikus from the trip to Switzerland

The engine’s soft hum,

Out of the dawn-lit window,

Snowy jagged peaks


— Descending to Geneva, early morning local time





Endless stairs spiraling up

Tomb of ancient stone


— Saint Piere Church Geneva, South Tower

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Also by Kwan Srijomkwan:

Chocolates |



Her light is fading slowly

But the memories which made us one

Will burn brightly in my heart

Until forever ends

There are no guarantees

Only the inevitable

I may lose the shell which surrounds her

But her essence will always be

The other half of me.

Our souls will be

Entwined, inseparable

As long as memory endures

Surely sadness will...

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A Follower’s Failure

entry picture

Wished to be a follower

Of Shakespeare

But shaken

Having seen the Sphere.


Wished to follow

William Wordsworth

But could not keep

Neither words nor remained worth.


Tried to follow Byron

To acknowledge the ray-on

But only remained bare

To be inside the bar-on.


Tried to follow

William long fellow

Rather remained long away

Didn’t remembered f...

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Also by ajay kumar sahoo:


Unrhymed Sonnet


Sunvivid atomlight, whirled around in blue.
Let a body of wisdom accumulate.
And grow, nurtured in each experience;
one unique basketful per unique hand.

Mementos of years, bones after the feast-
collected knowledge to lock in dusty drawers.
But wisdom, as love, will not know itself caught
so think not to break free, all being well.

Sometime, for the sake of good hungering
shall ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

As I Rambled | Crux | Commute |







His name was Sam

But he was always known as Samsez

He spoke of himsen in the third person

If Sam was gunna do summet,

He wun’t say “I’m gunna do summet”

He’d say “Sam’s gunna do summet”

Annoying or what?

That’s just the half of it

He began each sentence with the word Samsez

So it’d go

“Samsez… Sam’s gunna do summet”

His sad tales took ...

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Cityscapes (Alien Buddha Press, 2019)

entry picture

My first poetry collection has been published by Alien Buddha Press. It can be purchased here

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poetry collections

The Choice

Death, dying, passing, departure, dissolution

The fear of the end, but why

For some the end is the only answer

For some the darkness is the light

For some it is the saving grace from the hell of the light

This world can be so cruel, so cold, so unfair

For some the only answer is a bottle, a pill, a blade

Those are the people we push away, we judge, when they may not have found...

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visualization 1.33, promontory (topography in the digital age--I know this place like the back of my hand)

lock away every sin against fragility stack upon stack
inside great towers like time compartmentalizing
the compounding sounds of nascent hostility
from the acrid smell of fear


I am building a city, you know...

hemming in every needling derision that slips subtly under thickened skin

binding up every bludgeoning chill that hits the bone and ensures I'm broken in


In the hea...

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Also by elPintor:

rare birds |



August’s more reluctant dawns mark shorter summer days

and darker dusks on beloved Blackdown Ridge, splashing

heatherspreads of violet blue and myriad hues of

purples, pinks midst random sprays of mottled mauves;

as if to mark the Northern reaches of the nation’s

newest Park, its endowment designed to accommodate

its spine, the ancient South D...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Let's Just Be Together!

Today is Sunday Paul, let's 'get lost'!
Let's escape the City smoke and frost.
Put Martha on the back seat of the car.
A destination unknown, drive away far.
We'll ignore all road signs, left or right.
I can walk in the woods, you can write!
Let's 'get lost' today, drive anywhere.
We can just be together without a care
No other place today do you have to be.
Just feel the freedom and be w...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Rainbow |

I feel . . .

I feel . . .
I feel life
I feel loss

don't know death
so can't feel it

I saw bright flowers,
picked blue berries,
(a mixing bowl full)

visited my VA doctor
ordered a creamy breve,
served by a sensuous woman.

walked around the garden
ate a few cherry tomatoes
looked at the dogwood tree,

a living memorial to life
here breathing with us all,
gifted by two dear friends...

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Also by Fred Nicholson:

a Bloody Tune in 1968 | the Space Creep | Superstition | Eye Peace | Your Worst Nightmare | a Blank Page | Bullet-Ten Questions | We will outlive them. | Because | superstition | Forget 1 |

Night waterfalls

In the darkness

Streams fell down 

An emotion came ashore


It was shielded inside 

A box with a lock 

There was no key.

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Here is my set recorded live today in memory of Peterloo at Manchester's Peterloo Soapbox (outside Manchester's Home) containing two new poems


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andy npeterloopeterloo massacrepoetry

Go for the Glow

entry picture

Go for the glow
of good health.

Go for the glow
of a clear conscious.

Go for the glow
of forgiveness.

Go for the glow
of dreaming fearlessly.

Go for the glow
of giving generously.

Go for the glow
of loving unconditionally.

Go for the glow
of a life well lived.



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Also by Vautaw:

Third Eye Blind |


cleft (08/12/2019)

behind a banner 

woven with us

a strength greater than us each 

now living in us all. 


our bodies may go ashen

'neath the rigors of our peril

but the masts of what we stood for

shall sail our souls far beyond 

where we fell. 


and lo

tho widows wept 

we are the history of runes 

tracked nameless in the mud 

burned true in a crucible

carried on wit...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

witness bourne (Ray Charles Jr, 08/09) |

Honor bound ballad Saga pour one out

Life = Expansion of the mind... Ever increasing possibilities!!


The human mind is the ONLY thing in the entire universe that does not decay with time!


Our minds grow in size, strength and possibility all the while wadeing against the eneviatable decay of the vertical, the physical body they are carried through their moment in time in. 


As our intelligence expands and our library of experienced knowledge grows, it becomes a race against the...

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Also by Tui Dragonfly:

Fingers of God - Meditations of a little cat | Heading towards 50 with Stardust and Atom Light as my guides | Autumn Stardust - Time is ours to control, we just gotta let go |


these children of mine are gods finest pieces 

no discoloration or unwanted creases 

a true artist masterpiece of such fine taste 

so smart strong and beautiful didnt leave nothing to waste 

the first months of your life were painful but boy it made you strong

and for those who said you wouldnt make it i know youll prove em wrong 

i hope one day you will forgive and uderstand 


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Also by Danny Giesbrecht:

the strength of a begining and a end |

Fragments "Unto The Kingdom Of Perpetual Night"

Now the news presenters are like frightened animals we keep as pets.


I've slipped so far below your standards I can't even see you anymore.


She came as a murderer to me killing with pleasure my human innocence.


You can spit in my face but your spitting into the sky.


God is giving birth to deformed angels. The reign of the fallen is close at hand.


The imagina...

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Also by Daniel King:

Fragments "Learning To Drown" | Fragments "Lost But Not Known Yet" | Fragments "The Procreation Of Space" | Fragments "I See You Swimming In The Canvas Of Closed Eyes." | Fragments "She Pulls Away The Fabric Of My Flesh" | Fragments "To Undo And In Undoing To Become" | Fragments "Falling Into Form" | Fragments "The Desire Of Ghosts" |


a somewhere else of me

here is a planet that could be my mind

valleys bottomless, mountains that defy measurement

there is a wrong sky overhead

presently brimmed with one of its multitudinous disagreeable moods

the ground belonging to my feet alters shape

as if I had committed a crime against it

sentencing me to stumble after stumble


from the home of my sad internal sight

I can see how shado...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

evaluating you | boarding school regrets | to a great inspirer | stitches in time | GENTLE JESUS (or) jEaLOuS jIM | resolutioner | age disbeliever | last in line | Aesop's inspirations |


entry picture

There are times your dancers undermine
the humanist in me. In that northern
Cockaigne, you viewed with a realist's eye,
their heartiness tramps to raucous tuning.
Unconstrained, the couples are blatant;
the heaving trestles piled with plates.

Such carouses, what were they to you?
Did you celebrate, despise, or pity?
For there is shown mere lumbering daftness,
feet clumping across the fl...

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Also by David Cooke:


Will you be mind?

My time

Is not mine

But our time

You’ve made your bed in my dreams

I lie in it


this isn’t me


I would part with my skin

If it weren’t attached 

And never look back


Each night when I close my eyes for sleep

I see you in my head

Your feet poke out one side of your bed

And oh,

It makes me giddy for you

And so,

I end up crawling in bes...

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Please don’t make yourself at home |

attachedBrainDistancedreamfeelingsheartbreaklovemindMissingMovingon my mindroutineSleepsubconsciousthinkingwake


Tranquility in your presents

doves pecking as our kiss is tending

lips lock our mind in a spell, as the doves sing their song, letters spelling in the air.

clouds draw me close for a better look

fractals in the nooks, lump to lump, baby rainbows extend their hand and shake with glee

telling my lover she is the best mother to be


She see's the beauty in my beastial nature, cal...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

Cipher's Guilt |


Beatrice And Her Good-luck Bracelet

Beatrice And Her Good-Luck Bracelet

The heir to a large fortune, Beatrice Bulford didn’t
really need to push herself academically,

and though she’s always regarded herself as socially conscious,

she still sups £50 bottles of champagne at Glyndebourne Opera,

an event I attended with my wife, who felt these occasions
would help me advance in the world of academia.

However, all I ach...

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