Thinking Man's Crumpet

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Scrolling through his gallery

Wondering what he sees in me

Look at her there

With her long blonde hair

This one's beautiful skin

And her so thin

But the gallery of my thoughts

All he can findĀ 

In my mind

That's what keepsĀ 

Him here

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Andy N

Thu 15th Aug 2019 12:27

Clever piece, Ruth. Sort of title Amanda would come up with here (:

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 10:13

You've seen through me Ruthy
I'm dumb as I look
Will take any bait
Jump on any hook

Once you do know me
My tongue-in-cheek ways
You'll know how to take me
Be not led astray.....?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 09:18

Well Don this is a poem of comparison, it is about body dysmorpia or general insecurity where she sees all these beautiful women he knew just before he meet her on his phone, and thinks 'I'm just not good enough to be with him'. But then she remembers that even though she isn't pretty like a model, he loves the conversations they have so it doesn't really matter what she looks like to him he enjoys what's going on in her mind that fascinates him!

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 04:14

You've got long brown hair, Ruth, not blonde?....?

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