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afishamongmany on This Pain They Call Love (Fri, 14 Jun 2019 11:52 am)


these children of mine are gods finest pieces 

no discoloration or unwanted creases 

a true artist masterpiece of such fine taste 

so smart strong and beautiful didnt leave nothing to waste 

the first months of your life were painful but boy it made you strong

and for those who said you wouldnt make it i know youll prove em wrong 

i hope one day you will forgive and uderstand 


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the strength of a begining and a end

give me the strength to make it threw this day 

                               i promise tommorow will be different i wont let my pride in the way 

today has been a battle of the mind and of the witt 

                              for my foe is the most deadly of apponent i must addmit 

you see this foe stands as my ego and it dont like to loose 

                            but if a...

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#love #loss #dedication #temptation #trust #20171983 died january 28for my brother jeffery david dyck born march 30

This Pain They Call Love

This was the last straw she went to far this time 

                     Vindictive lies no matter the cost no matter the ryme 

She says that she loves but her love has gone cold 

                      These third demesional energies will get left in the old 

This spirit of mine is feirce and strong but also brittle 

                       And these head games you play are just A pet...

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