O,My holy land

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O, My holy land

Thursday,15th August 2019


O, My holy motherland

I bow my head

to all those who martyred for the integrity

and stood committed as a true citizen of the country


I raise my flag

and tag it

with the message of brotherhood

and spread the message of peace in the neighborhood


We have never pried for the extra land

rather stood for the universal friendship

cared for territorial respect

and co-operated in fact


we have unity in diversity

and that is the recognition for the country

each individual is free to profess and practice

and the country stands firmly with full promises


today we feel fully integrated

from Kashmir to Kanyakumari we are committed

to preserve the territorial integration

and strengthen the nation


Hasmukh Mehta




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Devon Brock

Thu 15th Aug 2019 21:37

So, you think the illegal annexation of Indian controlled Kashmir is a good thing? Surprising, given that so few Kashmiri voices have been heard. But I suppose that the cutting off of all internet, phone and media access PRIOR to the announcement of this move is a good thing. I suppose integration into the larger Indian society is best done with curfews, lockdowns, checkpoints and thousands of troops. Quite an open-armed welcome to India. Just saying. I'll take my comments off the air.


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trevor homer

Thu 15th Aug 2019 20:32

just so I understand, does the nation refer to your nation or the nation of islam?

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