An Annoying Riddle

My first is in teapot but not in kettle

My second is in iron but not in metal

My third is in win but not in lose

My fourth is in sport but not in news

My fifth is in rhythm but not in tune

My sixth is in April but not in June

My seventh is in single but not in double

My eighth is in danger but not in trouble,

    What am I?

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Don Matthews

Mon 26th Aug 2019 02:34

A jumbo airplane ?

Don - You've hit the jackpot! You're correct. Lisa you're runner up.

??? Well blow me down. Wot's a jumbo got to do with a teapot? Or a baseball match for that matter?. Being silly does apparently bring it's prizes Lisa. Go one further and be stoopid can bring you glory. Apparently. Think my stoopidity could bring me POTW? Entry question Don. What's a teapot, lose, April, May and June got in common? (think think mumble mumble) A jumbo airplane ? Yes Don! However did you guess (Yay!)

I'm so stoopid
Yay yay yay
Poem of the week
So they say

I won't pain you with a second verse....?

Kate, Devon, Jason, Fish, Ruth - How come you didn't see jumbo airplane? Staring you in the face. Then of course us Aussies are stoopid. We excel at stoopid riddles. Kate you surprise me......

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 25th Aug 2019 23:53

Don there is a lot of weird language thrown around the baseball diamond. I don't watch, but some announcers are rather zany...not unlike yourself.?

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Don Matthews

Sun 25th Aug 2019 23:35

Lisa - if you're taking the plunge out on a limb I'll go even further (and sillier). A jumbo airplane ?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 25th Aug 2019 23:28

I'm going out on a limb here.....A baseball game?

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Don Matthews

Sun 25th Aug 2019 23:05

Like Jason I come back to my original assessment of Bran. "One mixed up poet. You gotta problem Bran"

He's messing with your mind folks. You'll end up silly like me and that would not be nice cos I got a copyright on silliness....?

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 25th Aug 2019 22:34

Honestly, I still prefer my first answer.?

J. x

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Kate G

Sun 25th Aug 2019 21:52

I'm still trying to work it out. Brilliant work, it has got me flummoxed.

Devon Brock

Sun 25th Aug 2019 21:45

Hilarious, Branwell. How many of us have spent hours working on this. Wink wink.

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branwell kent

Sun 25th Aug 2019 21:42

There is an answer Ruth, but it's annoying.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 25th Aug 2019 16:39

Is there actually an answer to this though or is this just a poem about the workings of a riddle?

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Sun 25th Aug 2019 16:35

Ah no Chrystel R, he definitely is - annoying.
Thank you Bramwell for giving me something to use up some passing time. ? ><>

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Don Matthews

Sun 25th Aug 2019 12:01

Kate - don't even try. Bran's playing games with your mind. You'll end up silly like me....

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 25th Aug 2019 11:07

Are you a: Tea steam trophy sweat drum fools Day cream hazard????

J. ?

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Chrystel Roberts

Sun 25th Aug 2019 09:46

Hi branwell,

I think you're very smart and not in the least bit annoying!

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Kate G

Sun 25th Aug 2019 00:19

Damn you Bramwell, I'm going to have to come back to this one when I have some time to sit down with pen and paper. Love me a riddle. ?

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Don Matthews

Sat 24th Aug 2019 23:31

One mixed up poet. You gotta problem Bran. Join the club....?

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