Good Night Moon...not that book.

Have you ever noticed

how the moon punctuates the sky

brings attention to nuanced expression

of cloud and star and changing light?



Full moon declarative of periods of definitives

Of war of love of crying coyotes and coppertopped men

Of midnight beaches caressed by silver tip waves

Lit forest trails leading to open glades

Where deer dance while

fairies bang on their ceiling of earth

To quiet the din above



Gibbous following

Darkly parenthetical

Insecure unspoken

Some thoughts hidden 

from even the tip of the tongue

Or the back of the mind

The smile of the finely dressed that does not reach their eyes

The quiet gossiped whisper of steamy coffee house lies

Shadows on pearls at fundraising galas where

Rich wizards seek sex, while wiccans spell from the Kaballah



Prescient crescent

Full bowl or hat in hand

Foretelling darkness or light

Fortunes made or fortunes gone

New tastes, sweet or rankling 

Radiant, tumescent spring or monotonous chill of interminable grey fog

The wax or the wane can sure make one insane ...(as can the rain)



Finally unpunctuated by silver slivers of reflected light

the new moon night of

clangdashery smokedhashery

dockskippery tooslippery

marshmucked  courageplucked

ribald and reminiscent of dark dreams

unregrettable and unforgettable acts

unfold and untangle themselves 

to be unspoken before the 

ferry’s horn

heralds the dawn of the next

Good Morning

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Adam Rabinowitz

Fri 16th Aug 2019 19:59

Thanks Cynthia, Devon, Lisa and Thi for reading.

Cynthia please don't "serious" read this piece. It was meant as moon mischief and worthy of only a rapid read. However, I do hope that you might read a few more of my pieces....they vary a lot in style as I have only recently began this poetry journey.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 16th Aug 2019 14:41

Splendid! Tripped and chuckled through the whole thing. I'll come back for a more serious read.

Devon Brock

Fri 16th Aug 2019 11:01

Flipping great! How each depicted phase slips closer to chaos.


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