Third Eye Blind

Mind spinning faster than a cyclone.
Do this, do that ad infinitum.

Worry about things beyond my control
until the scowl line blinds my third eye.

Waste life surfing the net, 
following every link that promises to take me higher, 
faster, farther than the languid loop of my existence.

Why does it never seem enough?

I long to escape the stoic-ease,
walk hand-in-hand among redwood trees, 
visit Athens, Rome, Belize...
but, I'm too busy chasing dreams.



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john short

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 11:13

Three of them are up here as blog entries:
Chances to Leave
History Lesson
The Dogs of Athens

John S

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Mon 2nd Sep 2019 00:24

I can’t wait to read them John! Please let me know when you publish them!

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john short

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:52

Hi Vautaw

I lived in Athens from 1998 to the end of 2007 and actually have put together a pamphlet of Greek poems (25 poems). Someone in my writing group commented that I must have many Greek poems by now and should do something. When I checked, it was true I had loads. Just needed to do some quality control. Looking for a publisher now. There was a lot I liked about Athens and lots I didn't. But in general I'd say: You haven't lived until you've been to Greece. Cheers!

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Mon 26th Aug 2019 20:55

I like your insight John. Thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to visit Greece. Have you written stories or poems about your time in Athens? I’m most curious about your observation of your time there. What did you like most about it? I “dream” of traveling the world, but so far have only traveled internationally vicariously!

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john short

Sun 25th Aug 2019 15:03

I tend to think that mundane reality is more interesting and rewarding than dreams which after all are figments of imagination. On the other hand it's good to have ambitions. I hope visiting Athens is not one of your dreams/ambitions. I lived there for 8 years and it's more of a lunatic asylum really.

Cheers, John S

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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 04:02

Dizzy disease has struck Vautaw
Oh no oh no oh no
So what can I scrip to undizzy dizzy?
Dunno dunno dunno

Wot a useless scrip.......?

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Sat 10th Aug 2019 00:00

Oh how I wish we could give flowers on comments because I like your clever poem Don! ? ? P.S. I do have dizzy-disease. I can’t even go to fast action movies anymore because of it!

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Don Matthews

Thu 8th Aug 2019 04:13

Enjoy the moment
Of each day you're fed
Because tomorrow
You could be dead

Have your dreams
Rake the leaves
The trees won't mind
Do what you please

But don't run hither and thither ad infinitum Vautaw - you'll get 'dizzy-disease'.

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Thu 8th Aug 2019 03:33

lol, glasses for the third eye, good one Lisa! I changed that last line several times, I first put raking leaves, like doing something that may look good on the surface, but doesn't contribute to anything significant and may even damage the internal ecosystem. I ended up using chasing dreams because I think we can get so caught up in chasing dreams that we forget to enjoy the moment and the beauty beyond the chaos. Thanks so much for reading and your feedback. ?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 7th Aug 2019 21:30

You should never feel (or be) too busy to chase your dreams! What else is there to chase...
Some people say that they are living the dream. Perhaps they are or perhaps they are being facetious.
I'm still dreaming the life. There's too much to see and do, so I will keep chasing.
And I got some glasses so that I don't have to squint so much and crease up my third eye!!!

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