a wuthering whispering wind

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The other side of the bay we find

tramps' halls of resistance flashing by

where memory cascades into

availanches on request, tramp to tramp,

intelligence tests, read last week's  news,

reading between the lines of this misty day; 

most modern  mobile minds are really quite unaware of significance

just click into life at 7am - with WiFi with work 

providing ample assistance for the not technically

astute male dilettante discontents who work here;

outside the tramps flip-flop from exhaustion to elation

in two easy stages: walk, sleep.  Avoiding canals

as unlucky places where us tramps

only gather to wolf food, booze willfully 

and argue about the imbecile

typology  and ideology of the 'settled community'.'

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i.m. Paul Leon ►


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John Marks

Wed 7th Aug 2019 22:05

Thanks Rose - very, and sincerely, glad you think so. David it's a very long time since I took a fence - back in my hurdling, nay, whinnying days! Seriously: a) you said nothing offensive b) even if you had, good on yer, nobody has the 'right' not to be offended. If I find something offensive (I rarely do) I generally turn the page, turn off, stop listening, tell 'em to fuck off (either in my head or, occasionally, out loud). Then forget about it.


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Rose Casserley

Wed 7th Aug 2019 18:37

so beautiful John.

Rose ?

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John Marks

Wed 7th Aug 2019 16:17

Thanks David and Jason. A few years ago I was walking along the tow path next to a canal when I saw two 'tramps' who were fast asleep on a bench whilst be-suited office workers scurried by on their lunch breaks. The typographical errors, David, have no significance beyond illustrating the difficulty my arthritic fingers have in typing accurately.

PS wuthering is better so I've nicked it!

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 7th Aug 2019 12:41

most modern mobile minds are really quite unaware of significance

just click into life at 7am - with WiFi with work

An extremely telling, astute observation, and a perfect reflection on how we're programmed to, "Get with the program."
I've often wondered if tramps don't have it right, and we've got it all wrong.

J. x

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