Tipping point


Photo by Danny Schleicher on Unsplash


We’ve reached a tipping point — 

As the Arctic melts and Amazonia burns — 

Acid rain strips the trees — 

Plastic fantastic — two billion tons of indestructible shit –

A deathly cocktail of chemicals

Billowing out of chemical factories across the globe,

Billowing out tons of pestilential fug:

Diesel passing poison straight into the lungs and blood of toddlers

As parents push their loved ones down the road.

We’ll need more than a red wheel barrow to shift this lot,

We’ll need to live a simpler, better life with fewer things

To clutter up our minds, pollute our environment, deaden our souls

Or we will be left bereft — like soldiers floundering in fire or lime — 

We need to learn quickly and change everything, bravely, Native Americans can teach us: 

‘we are the land and the land is sacred,

For it is the dust and blood of our ancestors.’

◄ Ben Stokes

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 27th Aug 2019 19:50

And that it is. Totally agree with this message.

J. x

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