July 2022 Collage Poem: Tired Pleasure

Cursed ghouls and ghosts demand revenge

colours will fade as our love fades

in the haze of a sweet afternoon, the

angler fish flashed light on the smooth

movements of languid pleasure moaning

 from the bed.


You don’t look like your profile picture

Nigel said to John Lennon

more like Bob Dylan on speed

among the loss of time

and our love reigns


We were ...

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July 2022 Collage Poemtired pleasure

June 2022 Collage Poem: Lost Technologies

Bloodstains on blackboard tick

Down the panicked time

Spontaneous children calling

As a tragic register is taken

Drinking champagne from

Cups for Italian kings


In Sandringham the Queen’s bedside lamp blew

While in the Mariana trench deep down

Harry the Angler fish muttered a frantic phew!

As his lamp came on and he thought fuck it!

Time to go to town!


So ...

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Angler FishSwinging Light bulbStockport WOLJune Collage Poem

May 2022 Collage Poem: This Empty Place

The gods of war take their last biscuit

In darkness, there was a sharp white light

The flush of life, now intense, remembered.


Forgotten rooms of MySpace

Ghosts of lost connections

Livecake holograms line the empty

Windowless green walls. A Tower

PC waited for something to press his

ON” button.




Summertime should never die


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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemEmpty Place

April 2022 Collage Poem: Deep Sea Darkness

Trailing long shadows ache and dissolve,

I just want to live in the womb warm flames of flesh


Nineteen year old poet in the waiting room

Trains turn up, like ideas, with no sense of

Past, present or future


Hidden deep in the ocean bottom, to 

Wait for another time, a better world.

The love train arrived as he gazed

At her tight behind


A massive attack of d...

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April Collage PoemDeep Sea Darkness

March 2022 Collage Poem: The Lost Prophet

Strange handshake, borrower

Plugs into deep sea darkness


John the Baptist turns

On the aluminium kitchen taps

The River Jordan has turned radioactive


Vultures in the gym flex and strain

Through cluttered concrete layers


Vultures pounding dents from floor removed

No electricity in the gym

Nigel talking about milkshakes


The monsters under the bed


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collage poemstockport wollost prophet

February 2022 Collage Poem: Relief from the Darkness


Wallowing in darkness like warthogs in a pool

Horrendous December in the Gym

Under my duvet a donut prods my lust.

Outside the ambulance carries the lost prophet Susan

Through the slashing rain.


Channelling memories that everybody liked

More than joy, joyriding with sweaty socks leaving

A pile of charcoaled grief.


Grim and grimmer walked away 

Without a gl...

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Stockport Write Out LoudCollage PoemFebruaryRelief from the Darkness

January 2022 Collage Poem: Seagulls of the Nightclub

The Queen’s Head hanged, another story from the Death House

Necks stretched and they are gone –


Jenny Wren farts in the face of the seagull scrambling

To gobble her up


Those who will steal your food for thought, that parasitic breath

Hung out to dry, to eaten in an afterthought, by the seagulls


It was still worth the joy, the hope and ways of love

But as the wi...

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