I've been filling vacant lately
Why am I even trying
No one cares about me anyway
It's been years, with a memory still there
I've been learning how to tie a nooses lately
It's getting scary in my brain
I don't care about anyone's feelings
I just want the pain to end
Writing about it used to make me feel better
Now the feeling is always there
Life's not fair my friends
I didn't even get a break
Every woman I've ever loved has left me
I don't blame them I'm a mess
My own mother abused meĀ 
Told me love was never a possibility
Guess she was right now
I just wanted one person to pick me
I don't see a bright side in the world
All my friends have already gave up on me
I've been throwing up everything I eat lately
The chest pains that never stop
I think I'm sick of it all
I've been crying for better days
They're far away now
This is the lowest I filled in a long time

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