My Parents Went To Cancún

you got a shiny new bike

all I ever got was love


doing headstands on a mountainside

all I ever got was love


in a world of shiny things 

you’ve gone insane 


maybe I can help you with this 

in my own way 


you want everything 

all I ever got was love 


past the point of embarrassing 

when jungles are burning up


and you’re spinning in your drink

smoking the latest thing 


making enemies with people 

just like yourself 


dancing in your head

your cat’s in the fridge 


quoting a song by prince

about the pretty mess   


you got a hot new job 

all I got was love 


coming home to the floor 

maybe love’s enough 

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Robert C Gaulke

Sun 25th Aug 2019 14:08

Thanks for the feedback! B

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John Coopey

Sun 25th Aug 2019 08:31

I enjoyed this, Robert. The juxtaposition of material riches and the true wealth of love. If I was being picky, i thought the final thought wasn’t necessary - the piece had said this already.

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