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Could we once lie

Beside the river

Throwing cuties

Rolls one to the dog

Off-put and runs after rocks

Possessed and bathed

As jugglers hoop from shore

Drinking coffee kombucha

The sun holds and stirs

Waters working toward the seas

In solstice starlight

Scarf dancers offering kettle corn

Lives are lifted

Like the fog among the giants


Now we can fall asl...

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Dreams space

Take me away

Lift me away

Far from this place


Sleep womb

Vanquish my fears

Cradle me dear

Spare me from doom



Show me a world

Give me a world

That I can face


High-noon miracle

Vigilante’s tale

Visions regale

An epic spectacle


Mask the sun

Bury the basement light

Tunnel down to the warm


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Bathed in basking brightness

I’m breathing your sunshine

Nectar of divine light

Offering the purest kind

Of love reflecting greatest heights

Flying far from force-fed fights

Furthest from those who fashion ill design

Seeking to stunt our inner sights

And to mute our minds


I’ll dive inside your blossom

Budding bedding of silken seas

Part the darkness, chart f...

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