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Perpetual Dusk

A garden gypsy gathering

At the rush of passing cars

Beneath our dancing feet

Engines’ energies sweeping past

To beats of beaming hearts

Coastal breaks in the distance

Fresh mist breathing softly

Sweet solstice sweat

Jumping on the pavement

A golden trolley traveling

Procession pilgrimage

Across slumbering academia

To be drawn majestically

Into the curtains r...

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Dying Into Each Other

We all have a birth mother

Each of us has a name

Each has a temple

We all die


We all breathe

We all live in the dirt

We all thirst water

We all hunger sustenance


Gravity prevails

Petals shed and settle

Atop verdant leaves

Vying for the sunshine


The flower’s final blood

Bleeds-out onto the leaf

Burning brightly through


Transposing its...

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Let's Go

Let’s go to where

Giants often sit and stare

Where dragons puff for air

With golden rainbows in their hair


Let’s fly atop

A diamond-feathered hawk

To the moon and take a walk

And dance past thirteen o’clock


Let’s sail away

Far beyond all time

Encompassed in our lights

To the center of our minds


A place that makes you high

A place that makes you...

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Serenity Slope, Saint Sebastian

Sunday; summer solstice ’77

Second Spire

Suite 17; 66th Storey.

She’s still sleeping…

Spontaneously swooping songbirds, serenading sacred seascapes, sing sentimental songs sailing swiftly southward.

“Stop staring,” she says sleepily, shyly smiling. Somehow staring seems so surreal since seeing Sarah; seems so somatically subsistent. So smitten, so ...

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Rats in the Courtyard

The cats play on the beachside

The crows are filling up the plaza

Dogs are squirming in the pews

And the skunks are stinking-up the casa


The possums are building earthships

The egrets are asleep beneath the porch

Snakes bathe in the sunlight

And the red eyes are aglow by the torches


The silkworms are swinging in the breeze

The hummingbirds dance in the rain


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I once knew love

As stars above

Shone down like rain

In a lightning storm

Cyclonic embrace

Enraptured my soul

And brought me to tears

When it died long ago


I once had trust

As rocks below

Sturdy like mountains

In a typhonic blow

Earthy encased

Captured my fears

And taught me to doubt

When crumbled all it endears


I once felt truth

As suns...

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