The Plains of Babylon

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They gather on the plains of Babylon.

“It's party-time dear friends!”, the invite reads.

“Let's shake it down and cross the Rubicon.”

“A stairway up to heaven is our need.”

The plots they thicken, artful plans are honed.

They build their zigurrat to breach the blue.

Bizarre bed-fellows meet and greet, combine

In shifting shapes to overthrow the throne.

“Rise up! Throw down! United we'll breakthrough.”

''Our destiny is to become divine.”


From high above the plains of Babylon

The angels see the tumults and misdeeds.

The rebel throngs sing out their rebel songs.

The angel hosts mount on their fiery steeds.

“Go to! Undo this fiendish, vile design.”

“The wicked we will scatter and pursue.”

“As chaff in winnowing, they will be blown,”

“Who sacrifice at that unholy shrine.”

The angel host with holy fury flew,

Nimrod's dread hordes became earth's dust, bare bone.


Of rebels and angels we tell, we tell.

There was a scattering at Babylon.

We gather together, With who? With who?




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Mon 26th Aug 2019 16:16

Thanks Adam - I had a job remembering what the form was as I wrote it in June I think. There are a few different types of Ode but it's a fexible form. I was mainly attracted by the strophe - antistrophe - epode theatrical structure of the original greek type.
When I did my fifty forms I used the list given on the Shadowpoetry site.
Go well

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Adam Rabinowitz

Mon 26th Aug 2019 15:21

This is great work in my opinion. I live the epic theme, the cadence, everything. I will enjoy rereading many times. I really don't know my poetry forms. Is this a particular form I could look up the rules of as I would like to try to write similarly. Thanks.

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