I find myself lost in times,i would smile by myself,it would not be much but to my insanity it's ENOUGH,its like a drug I cannot resist .

Even a slight touch or glance,i twitch a handicap .The cracking of the ice in my vein,WOW!!! Sometimes i feel more insane .

You might be surprised to see what actually goes on in my head ,slowly tamping my memories in a chest of hope , trust me when I say you might be surprised of how they fit .

BACK to my madness,those moments of pure sedative,and still you look seductive.

Rocking to the beat of your heart,the way you breath ,your turns and little strokes in your hair ,ohh! How it replays..

I stand in the shadows of your room,of course you never seem to notice me,even if it's the best perfume .

I try to tell you but you make me look crazy ,I'll give you time but only you can save me.❤         


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Thu 28th May 2020 07:31

How on earth can I not have seen your madness before my pretty Blackrose.

This is adorably written.


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