Dedication to the Rose of WOL

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Dedication to the Rose of WOL




Your colour's so reddish

Your perfume's discreet

I trample your petals

To sweeten my feet




Hey there Rose

Don't get me wrong

Not here to write

You sweet song


Hey there Don

I am so sad

Cos I ain't caused

You any bad


MAIN ACT (serious-mode)


Has Blight bit you?

With 'writer's block'?

My screen's all blank

I am in shock


I've nothing from you

On my screen

Have you been banned?

Too WOL obscene?


I see you blushing

In my pic

Better get back

On track, quick


Wait in chair

So patiently

Your words to see

WOL Rosalie


If you're in rehab

Get well quick

My screen's all blank

I'm feeling sick


My mantra' s been

Since joining WOL

To fun-infect

Our site (keep well)


There is a place

For doom and gloom

Need also sun

To brighten room


So Rose if

No 'writer's block'

Presence my screen

Help me de-shock


Your concerned friend

(10,000 miles away.....)


Don Matthews August 2019

◄ Poet's Blight

Bipolar Mania's Two-Edged Sword ►


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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 12:12

Contact made now WOL Control
The wire has just been fixed
A shortage under sea occurred
The wires got sorta mixed

Our Don and Rose now reunite
A happy WOLer pair
All set to do their thing again
And poem what they dare......?

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Rose Casserley

Thu 15th Aug 2019 11:51

holy moly Mr Mattews! considering I'm about as important as anyone else in the WOLWORLD, you have made me feel like a real poet-

yeah right! ?

but thank you very-GREAT! ( a joke )

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 11:47

Hey Do. Rose didn't phone me
To say I'm off to Barb
I could've wished her happy hol
And pack bikini garb

Perhaps she's taken rehab leave
In sunny Barbados?
I could've recommended best
Rehab spots becos...

You won't believe this Do my friend
I checked out rehab spots
In sunny sunny Barbados
And yep, they have got lots....

Anxiously awaiting Rose
10,000 miles away.....?

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 10:51

What has happened to Rosy?
She in rehab still smashed?
Come on girl, present on screen
Don't let our hopes be dashed

I know that you can hear me
10,000 up the wire
Call me anything you want
Prefer I do Sir Squire

Rose I will not let you
Escape my WOLers clutch
I do like smelling roses
I like it very much.......?

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