To Smite!

'To smite down' is a terrifying idea.

'To destroy utterly' in ancient terms

Not just the Body with stone, iron and fire

But Desire -Intent - Ability – PRIDE

Of the person - the family - the tribe - the society.

The particular form of civilization!

The basic impulse of 'he who smites':

Deliberate dissolution

Of the mode of other people!


The resolution is captivity of body and mind

With the societal models of the victor

Exercised in many, diverse ways.

The ultimate goal:

'To enslave the souls of the 'smited!'


We, as poets, often take grim ideas

And romanticize them,

Quite smitten with our own, clever thoughts

And perhaps, our perceived superiority.

The romantic idea trivialises 'to smite'.


'Smitten by a kitten!'

'Smitten with first love!'

'Smitten with disease!'

But still, really, a form of 'conquer' and 'control'.

The shifting question is 'Of what?'

Animals are complex, especially humans.

Emotions are not mathematics.

And no one is holding a gun to your head.



'Is this 'poem' going anywhere?'



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 11:39

Are you cross?

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Don Matthews

Wed 21st Aug 2019 13:23

Purely subliminal alliteration?
Squirrel to Smite, gosh who knows?
The writer asks is this going anywhere?
Ends poem with a resounding big No

Maybe the writer should have named it
'This Poem is Going Nowhere'
Preparing us for ride down to nowhere
A ride for which we could prepare.....?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 21st Aug 2019 12:33

I do realize that sometimes I really 'push my luck'. Maybe this was purely subliminal alliteration: 'Squirrel' to 'Smite'! Who knows?

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