A continuing chaos: An American fugue

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One must  recognize chaos in oneself

To be able to give birth to a dancing star.

Now, only the vestiges remain:

Go on, consumers, conduct a forensic examination,
And when complete, then you scatter the remains:
Finally, you will see the fragility of the body,
In the furtherance of the truth:
Note the devil’s-in-the-detail;
We are condemned at the root.

Here's a roof for his daughter,
Over a precipice-by-the-sea,
Her peculiar ways of thinking
Still alive in me...

Tom-All-Alone’s deliverance:
Was a false prologue.

Remains of thought and feeling,
Still embedded in my brain;
Flower into vestiges

Nothing will remain.

Love all that is, is not,
Numbed into meaning:
By those damned sansculotte.



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