It's Sunday in the UK

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It's Sunday in the UK


It's Sunday in the UK

USA as well?

Not sure 'bout other WOLers

No World Clock time to tell


I know what you are thinking

You've got technology

The World Wide Web to help you

Just look us up and see


I think I have just gone

And dug myself in hole.....


Not so! I have excuse prepared

Reception can be crackly

Not so World Wide Webbish here

World Time Clock often lacky


(weak excuse Don.....)


Don Matthews July 2019


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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 12th Aug 2019 01:05

It's still Sunday for me here so that means.....I'm in yesterday...

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Don Matthews

Sun 11th Aug 2019 23:38

MC I do see
You're really up late
Eleven sixteen
Your bed does you wait

I posted this poem
At 4pm here
Now was it Sunday?
I'm not really clear

This funny old day/time
Confuses me so
Old sol he just laughs at me
Ho ho de ho

Silly boy.......

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 11th Aug 2019 23:16

Are you behind or are you ahead?
Are you just getting up or retiring to bed?
Is the sun coming up or has it gone down?
Are you on the way home or going to town?
Wherever you are in the world you can choose
The right time where you are by the 24 hour news. ?

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Brian Maryon

Sun 11th Aug 2019 12:12

...creeping like a nun...

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