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When I seriously

Watched the world,

I am amazed;

How wonderful

Is the god’s creation?

The beautiful nature.



More I wonder

When I seriously thought;

About the creator

Of this vast universe;

And its most wonderful creation;

Superseding every animal

Stands alone the human.



He can change

The structure of the nature,

He may not nurture

But can do the torture.



In the modern age of science,

He thinks of him

How wonder to serve

Or to take the service.



Vices and virtues,

Goes side by side

Sometime one leads

And other tilts;

Thinking to play

The game of, “hide and seek”.





The progress of mankind

Has reached on the moon and mars

Or in the other part of

The celestial bodies of universe;

Even reflected on

The surface of Antarctica

Bears the testimony

Of mankind and its development

In science and technology



But as and when

I compare with others

Finds nowhere I am

Only with the loggers head

Packed and jammed.



But, why so

Who will give me the answer?

Nobody knows

But I lament

Only of my past

The golden period

That I have lost;

Still have to think

And have miles to go.







◄ A Follower’s Failure



ajay kumar sahoo

Sat 7th Sep 2019 07:58

Thanks for your valuable and inspiring comments

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Aug 2019 15:05

Timely now - and perhaps at any time! Humanity has the power
no other living creature possesses...to change the world for good or ill. It is a source of some comfort that just when Armageddon seems
likely or a species is doomed, human action can be positive and
save rather than extinguish what is under threat. Long may that
continue and we continue to protect and preserve whenever

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