Hurricane Sandy

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Sandy was a hurricane that hit the east coast with a vengeance on Oct 22, 2012. Sandy, was called the perfect storm by some and labeled a ‘Frankenstorm’ by others. But everyone would admit it she was a freak of nature.

Hurricane Sandy

Let me tell you a tale

A story that is true.

A hurricane with many faces

All the changes it went through.


Her birth was like all other hurricanes.

Her life like a tropical storm.

No surprises needed to be heeded,

This and nothing more.


But Sandy held her true face

Right up to the very end.

She was a freak of Nature

Mother Nature had other plans.


Sandy crossed Cuba heading for Florida

Then came up toward the Eastern Shore.

While Sandy was keeping busy

Mother Nature changed the score.


Two major cold fronts coming from the west

Sandy would soon become a snow storm

Hitting the Appalachians hard.

But this isn't where Sandy does her best.


She'll hit the East Coast at the Jersey shore.

The largest hurricane of them all.

She'll touch the biggest cities along the coast

Leaving devastation with much to fall.


When Sandy made land fall.

A Frankenstorm, we were told.

But then Mother Nature added a twist.

The Full Moon was witness to it all.


NYC flooding was a real problem.

Everywhere the wind took its toll.

West Virginia got two feet snow.

Now she’s a Northeastern storm we’re told.


They'll say Sandy is a perfect storm,

Her size angry and mean.

She had much character

The likes we've never seen.


Sandy was a child of Mother Nature.

Mother Nature takes the call.

She is the one that surprised us

With a freakish storm that challenges us all.


For we'll remember Halloween 2012.

When Mother Nature wanted to play.

Dressing up to look like a normal Hurricane

Was the real joke of the day.


Mother Nature brought together

All the forces she knew.

Changing the course of history.

Today life here begins anew.









Hurricane Sandy

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 7th Aug 2019 21:54

Hi Belinda,
I remember Hurricane Sandy well. ( And Irene before that, which was worse here.) The storm was intense. I remember it being of the lowest millibar pressure ever recorded...I felt it, made me sick. The animals were all freaking out too. I live in MA so did not get the brunt of it. But oh many others nearby did. I am sorry for the destruction of storms...but I love weather and the science behind it. Great job on this...just in time for Hurricane Season on the East Coast of the US

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Don Matthews

Tue 6th Aug 2019 04:24

A perfect intertwining of rhythm and rhyme Belinda. I have now met Sandy.......

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