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my They is not the same as your They

They can be an army of highly-
trained surveillance specialists
a series of pointed coughs at random
intervals in the centre of town

They can be cops or robbers, teachers,
dealers, meal-on-wheelers, the cashier,
clerk and CEO

They can even be animals

but my They is not the same as your They

the life experiences of each
is their 
basic trai...

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Ever y Ni(gh)t I AM in some way
A-live with
mInds, some seeded, some
there                   there                               there
iS me and me and me
And them
And you                       you                                  you
Amid your Crystal
Craft you
Let me pėėk
F e E e E...

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s     l     u   o   S   o    u    l     s


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Revolving door to nowhere




















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love is a world hate the moon             tidal are the moments                I fell into the gravity  of you
and round and round we go                loops whorl as ancient               without my suit on
or fall or rise                                     as they are infinite                     blown fro...

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The Gift

there’s times when the stars are dark
and murmurs in your skull
degrade all aspects of the world 
where even the sweetest word
screams murder

this is the hole rock bottom falls into

an etching from centuries past
one you would have laughed at
mere years ago
now has the power
to initiate 
the burden of hope
and a scribe 
millions of years old
you carry like a heart 
in your head


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To Be Read Sub-consciously

To Be Read Sub-consciously

oh oh oh
here we go, her e
sound of a cry in g
flat often
A tin man with too many
hearts a lion
with a graphene 
Straw awwww just like world waaaa
wa wa 
(Yahweh: to be read sub-consciously 
as the name as hearts as Will as love
is forbidden)
we go our separate ways
different whys 
I never lied
I lie on the ied

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open open open lockedlocked
openlocked lockedopenopen
open locked locked locked

lockedlocked openopen
locked locked open open
lockedopen open openopen

locked open open locked
open open open openlocked


open open open open open open
open open open open open open
open open open open open open

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you begin with a perfect number say
you realize the nature
of a sum un-

alpha is the bet beta ALL
on occasions for the subdued connoisseur 
of our daily bread of NO so
you gamble the matrix and equations equate
in the brain’s bloody equator

make 8
the totality of the alphabet
thinks of everything
lucks but does not C

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Born from a floating skull
adrift amid the shards
of the Kuiper belt.

A winged god in full

Fertile as an egg you created
the universe 
out of loneliness.

But what strange creatures
glide now in your 
alien heavens?

We, in this village
of water hope to seek
irrefutable hatchlings.

So in your name, libations 
of flesh are made but in return

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Snakes and Ladders in the Afterlife


He steps off the ladder and limbs
curl up
from the black earth
like branches withered
In hot moonlight
and serpents fly
like hyenas
to a corpse, the paralysis 
of a nightmare
sheathing over
the tree that holds up the sky.

A noise like planets colliding
erupts amid the sight
of a tsunami
to the west approaching
and a voice whispers
from the heavens 
‘permanent brain damage

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Existence Independent of Life

I adored as Crowley intended
the sun
and saw signs mystic and
sometimes clearly audible..

Numbers hatched from their
unseen cocoons and into
the conscious void of forms that is
physical reality.

To court the psychopomp across
that psychic river into
a labyrinth of fractal uncertainties 
till you burned like
the candles around you,
breathed as a germ in
a spaceborne airlock.


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The Mars

Hercules reversed and strangled 
by the Nemean lion, a cloud of red
covers the entire planet from
northeast Amazonis to 
southwest Arcadia and
not even Indra can evaporate
this misty simulation 
of chaos.

Yet no war has touched these towers 
or the sphinx beheaded
million miles away. 

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KIC 8462852

If we are truly stardust
then it eats us,
feasts on who we
may become
one day
as it savages the meaty energies
till there’s nothing left of the stars 
but bones.

If light was sound it knocks,
screams technologies at us,
but in our
mandatory secret blindness
the lips of wisdom 
are sealed.

Now they say mere dust is all
to explain away
the dims by tendrils of varying 
particles ...

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Podcast For Spoken Label

This is an interview and poetry reading I did for Spoken Label with the legend AndyNpoet



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Saturn and the Hymn of the Ring-Makers

Horned, Saturn swallows whole globes
like Cronos himself
gulping down his offspring.

And the black cube that is this universe
tilts on its 
unlikely axis.

A north pole hexagonal 
and remember
a hexagon 
in three dimensions
is a cube.

The vortex like an eye
crying our Maya,
and black Capricorn 
soaks all unseen realms.

And all the while billions of crystals are singing
as th...

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Ghosts and Gods

Is the shadow you cast from the sun
the same
as that
sent flooding from the moon?

A man can lose his mind in under a minute
from a lifetime
of non-locality and shadows
become his heroes.

He saw the space inside people,
The vast airs within atoms,
The insubstantial chasm 
Between electrons
Like flying deserts in tiny skies
And he thought himself into oblivion.

We are the monster...

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Man Bites Dog

On a pure may morning
with the morning star above
and the jewellery of dew
sunning up the ground,
that bastard ate my boy.

And why?

We gave them the gift
of domesticity 
and presented
our hearts, homes and trust
but still he ate my child,
my wife’s last fragile faith
in life; in a way
he savaged her as well, post- mortem,
and now she too is gone.

And that i...

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For The Girl Who Likes Listening To Hearts

She never speaks but hears 
everything; the glistening of glass
on a midnight window pane, 
the click of mad doubt on a dead
phone line
the surety of anger in the past,
and, her eyes closed, she waits
for the tell-tale hourglass pulse
of certainty.

But when I stayed the pendulum 
with flesh and affection
she heard the future like a bull
rushing toward us 
and the sound
was enough t...

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T-Rex In Tank With Painted Bones

The stained glass murmuring faces, reflected beasts
on their day off, holiday-
makers grinning sideways
first dates
dumb with hope
they stare
as if audient 
to themselves
whisper of shaded bones, say
‘when I die
I want my bones unpainted
on display 
which of course they will be
so distant people know
the monsters we are now.’

The exhibit is closing, the mouths 
are shutting down,...

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One day the oceans ascend  
and waves pluck thoughts from the aethyr
and tsunamis dumbstruck with wonder
bring clarity
to the new brain of the sea.

The waters recall for the first time and go half-mad
with anger; the waters are the givers of life and
yet the first breath the New One took
was choked and polluted.

Soon, the great waves crash and the ice-sheets crack 
and great beasts

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The Sea As Sigil



I book a ticket home 
And for the next three weeks I do not exist
In any communal realm whatsoever
But learn and learn and breath and breath

Items are kept like sentries hanging around:
Sekh’met here on the mantelpiece,
Enki with his staff atop the desk
Shiva on the sill,
All for the cause of the vortex.

And fast
For long rumbling hours all food neglected
And quiet
Many t...

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An Accidental and Almost-Fatal Invocation

Owl song scraping through 
an open window
and a stabbing in town just this morning
you chant 
voices from the Vedas 
elope with soma 
your leering lotus 
ocean-breathing in the flickers
of black candles.

Your lung a sudden boat on hard rapids
your brain a glove of light.
Is sin the point?
Is sin the point
when each one ...

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Cage Of Echoes

He has not seen the sun
in weeks, the cameras peep
from their voyeuristic
He woke up screaming from a dream or
nightmare; there is no difference
anymore and his bones are chewed 
like dog-toys. A mist
shades the room from daily rituals,
the smoke of thoughts hang dank
and the hiss of friendly strangers
claws the room
in search of hurt lest they be happy
and the world be i...

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The Migration Of Shadows

There’s a part of the world
not many get to see
like the underside of a pearl
deep in a black sea.

The shadow of its form
covers continents in clouds
while a multicoloured storm
turns halos to shrouds.

And there’s cities made of Night,
there the long-forgotten sing
of a time when there was light
and day and Sun and spring.

But now the seasons mutely wilt
as flowers torched in sh...

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Airstrike From The Eleventh Density

More and more the beating
pop up on the streets,
in fields, the corridors
of apartment buildings,
planes, public toilets, job centres,
and none know the origin
of the phenomenon.

Hearts grimed with blood
discovered in alleys 
and dim-lit doorways
by detectives, priests and shamans
who scratch their heads and
check their respective pulses.

And still the...

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 Something shifted in the sea
and all the fish quivered
as if 
a nuclear blast had
rocked the coral
once again.

This perfume radiates mutants,
the deaf beasts wallow putrid
in the depths, bioluminescent,
unnamed they circle
the sub-conscious, unfed they sleep
upright with eyes wide open.

But when the volcano opened
like a secret 
you see yourself ethereal, 
manifest as empty clo...

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Spine Fire (Instructions For Survivors Of Kundalini)

harsh at first
let the serpent
rise, cool, uncoil;
it’s been sleeping
for light-years,
patient as Satan.

slow like
oceans rolling,
the mad hug of truth
unlearn your world,
obscene conclusions
where time is 
and time is not.

Reality in its lowest case becomes
capitalised by the experience,
and a starving blob of star-meat
is finally fed
by the ener...

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The Ghosts We Haunt

I see him
in a locked cage
in Hell.

Where the patter of water
is not a burst pipe but
a cord cut and 
bleeding by the litre.

A monster sings
in a room built deep
of mind and made for screaming.

A Poltergeist made of flames
burning quietly in the din
of forgetting.

He’s there, in the dark, faceless.

And I go down there sometimes
to poke him with a stick
and hear him growl

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The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel

You permeate, struggle, persevere,
believing its for a reason,
but the books you read as a child
teach only how to build
a coat of armour.

And yet the shield wall falls
at the sight of a glistening horizon
and you drop your sword, your words
atomic in the well of the present.

You Sprint toward the sound of joy,
a figure manifests from the haze of doubt,
Clothed in clouds ripe to rai...

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This Corpse Eats The Stars With Bloody Feet

Half-digested in the belly
of a thousand fruitflies, a corpse electric
in the rinds of reality
 moves like a tree in the earth
and the flames all strangers with
black brains

perturbing pale as patterns
our corpse peels
living things like fruit
poaches thoughts endangered, 
builds a prequel ark
among grinning bones
whispering viciously .

Animate are all others, elaborate entities

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A Nightmare Room Made Of Broken Glass And Spider's Legs

Crows covered in slugs and owls’ blood
under clouds of mildew.
Green-bleak the stars, 
feed for aeon’s monsters.
The sky black silk, 
somehow unfinished yet thick 
with thoughts, each cloud
deadly resonating,
buzzing in the shroud 
of each soul screaming
a ghostly symphony
and the skeleton orchestra 
begins to peel the Earth,
the core an eye forever
burnt to a crisp.

Rises, a forc...

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Someone At The Door

I know a lot of people post shit online for attention or validation but this is something else altogether. I’ve tried to come to terms with it on my own but none if it makes sense and I was wondering if any of my friends could shine some light on it.

I was visiting a girl I’d me online called Emma down south on a train to Norwich a few weeks ago, the train packed as always, and I made my way do...

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