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reed a star when further winnows
roke subtle orbits
in the ploughed bluffs
of summer

arroyos marred in slatterns,
flaked goatskulls bleached

struck, the preened ivory palls 
of pyreslaw clouds a cave and
mirrors the firmaments 


who forsook the plead,
affronted noughts?
the gentric emphasis 
being that of corpsebone.

The latch laughs like a lyre,
a chord uncouth,
a ...

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Ram It In!

Ram it!

Ram it in!



Let them fight, cry, scurry!

Be they moist, rejoice!

If they're dry hear them roar!


Take that rigid thing and

force it in!

Sear their flesh as it slaps!

Pull their hair!

Claw their eyes!


Ram it! 

Ram it in!


Tie their wrists!

Part their skin!


Feel their weakness tingle!

Lick their hearts for hours!


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The Sea As Sigil

or mountains dry with time


old as bones


the solar simulacra

armoured in pears

peers amid halos

roots whistling in slinks



halfparched branches

scurries the corn flighbound


thundersurfing era's angles

grinning death's froth 

swimming our animals


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But First The End

thoughts less false than words

flowers grim with sound

lamb tongues the Omega's march

flaked ash in peels


black fire in Sol's hearth

gates of mercy turning

warps of wet fire

on cold furs 


crisp lung in the numbers

life in the silence


flare the virgins' leap


crybled a transit flits

drumbet the voice unclean 

begins abroil s...

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The Plenum Existential

Hiraeth when the branches cast
shadows' gold from the Summerlands
to the lyrical tutelage 
of wings.

An epoch marked by graves,
silt in limerince, ethereal
the vacuum's pulp,
grey the distance illicit.

Supine the iris iridescent,
symphonic the pose
as mountains call
more eagles there
to nest amid the syzygy.

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The Dig

The more he digs, the less he is, 
and the shovel turns bloody in
the red moon glow.
Strikes of rock and the dark earth wounds.
The distant heaves of heavenly others
frailing into their own personal ghosts
deeper, deeper, into nothing.

There must be something at the end, it's
the purpose of their disappearance.
They separate together, far from sight, out of 
The sound of grit a...

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The Calm Before The Quiet

The calm before the quiet
of nature's cruel curriculum 
asserts the loudest light, 
a being in essence

A crux, a bloom, a fulcrum
coloured in vultures
sets the sun running

lest the passion last 
and the gold slum fully
or the brim crack shoddy
amid a haze of faces.

Expressions in shallow basins.

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Time, Beings

Acute humans, lonely in angles.
Attempting life, death in bedsits adept
while the children they might have had
move by, skipping dead futures in the sunlight.

Cries like mice unborn, alive as ibis dead, 
the yet to be, the much too soon. The swears
on their behalf. So many meanings please just

let them die a life, form a death so lovely
that souls gather like apes upon a pond
of rip...

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Owl By Lamplight

I once caught an owl by lamplight
glaring deeply at me
on the forest's edge.

Coarse were the wings he clustered 
like horns and I, barefoot as a lamb
in the wet woods with moist matches.

The fires I made had broke with the season’s relays.
A distance cold with longing brought browed 
ashes to the mildew evening.

Dark, dark was this fat owl which sought me
lurking there, white as ...

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Remember The Butterfly

Remember the butterfly we kept 
locked up in the cage
and all night long
we heard the tock-rattle of chains
like Horus mourning
above the din of wake's exit? 

How long the wings grew helpless,
the petalled eyes
crushed against the pane
in slowly wilting ripples.

Do you recall the dust that gathered as it
more of a moth by the moment,
the weight on that little soul?


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