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Wisdom may not have fallen 

but was pushed 

from the fifth corner of 

the Earth, one third flesh, a glass skull


"crying sometimes sounds like laughing"


when you try to trick the Trickster 

mountains move against your Will

and your pompous offers, your strange 

libations and plastic sacrifices be smitten like children 

by unfit guardians, our wrathful rulers


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First Impression

First Impression 

Uri  El
moving like a warm voice in your white heart 

Uriel are or is
Is it not?
or is et al

I do not doubt the atrocity of the many heavens 
as does our Uriel standing at the gates of Repentance
with a flaming sword and a single Name
a hero to saints and psychics alike
and even some bloodletting angels
end up sorrier than you’ve ever ...

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There Will Come A Day

Thrust is a vile endeavor, roaring animal lust
And woman yell every sacred vowel known to Azaroth.
Joy in sin, sin is death, joy is death

Trust, an even more degenerate form of inter-
course: Will imposed on the weak and wet
Brain rape at its finest

Tryst Ah the self – brutalism of the dead and 
disfranchised, to make love to oneself asexually
Is the  Day God will Have His Word with yo...

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A Sweet little poem on happiness

to hate yourself completely is to love thyself. 
for who here admires ashlar? 
to hate oneself is a will to change
to cringe at the sound of your own philosophies,
wince at who you are daily as a feast, 
hating yourself truly is a gift 
empathy, contrary to the pied pipers, exists purely for hatred 
and to hate openly is the ultimate sacrifice
because you knowingly incur cureless retalia...

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the birds when the fly from the trees

noise maddening      cracked turquoise
or thoughts           birds with
wings threading light                  high
dark air waving on the breaks
between exits.

the mortal colours drifting with each leap
the blurs a thousand lives gambled. 

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The Right Shadow

A glint flows twice for the right


There are no candles in the 


A farm is more than one 


and always burns as




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The Shadow on the Rock

Like Jacob arriving into 

the orange town of

Pineal we fight 

bright shadows on altars 

of heart, bones 


and crows break the paralysis 

of knowing without mind so many

thoughts form a nation 

within themselves        sovereign



there is no sound save

that of cracking ribs and snapped

skulls as a new day floods 

insubstant on chaos-forms


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The One With Two Half-Brains

Abraham, abrained, quartered blackbox

the 4 directions and their shadows
and 7 on the spine in segments of
each breath a brain un t angle d
quarks in 8 brains crackling
a brain for every okayshun
a brain bubbling like a fried egg in a stained pan searching for answers
and finay near fatally answered 
by Something who believes Itself to be
hilarious cunning Etc. . . 
any ...

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Thunder and Darkening

Icarus moonbound, the human mind
flayed in the watery filaments
of the firmament

God-scorched, flames curl in the mirage of
neurotic moths like thoughts flocking
to a corpse

and just when you think you hear silence

Illuminations appear as sad creatures
to the unexpecting, blue branches
dance down from above
green pikes lick the sky
ghostly deformities made whole

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Everyday Is Someday

Everyday Is Someday

loud minds
discard the many futures
eternally as snakeskin
as a plastic glowstick
nescient of the night
coursing mornings’ brief
unwise hope
and the air of Earth
like one deformed breath spread across
the once-crystal planet
observing as if from orbit
your own life, the avatar
you choose to be without knowing
annihilates all realms out of sight
and from just ab...

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Time's Three

intense relentless numerical
an effigy of figures fermenting
in a grey gods terrarium

stars beat faster than us
asteroids like asterisk multiply
the fiery fluids of the firmament

immersed in mist immaterial, the number
of the Beast’s white brain and
the skies between eclipses 
is 7 times 3
Time’s Three

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God Cope

there is no depth to which the darkness will not devolve
nor wretched Aeon the least neglected
in this box of starless gore
where light which  forms full the firmament
becomes suspicious in its myths
and you cringe to breath what might be death 
and you hunger though you cannot eat
and you thirst but the world is salt
this is the Spirit on fire.
like this, you cannot exist 
without it. 


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Black Umbrella

here a tallow skull spurting mist
of red and smoke chokes the air
here a woman with a broken mouth
screaming for mercy face down 
in the concrete 

an old black man long-alchemised 
from ashlar to pillar cries in throes 
of righteous anger as the skeletal horde 
burn down his fought-for foundation 

there an elderly couple threading waves of angry bodies 
beaten to a pulp simply

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Blackpills from Babylon

iron in the wind, blood above the sun

a cube in 9 forms foments
old world chaos 
with a new world Ninkilim
and thunder is no longer fractal but a
direct reflection of divinity 
in the dirt as shown by Jove’s
quietly diminishing Eye

Jesus as Serpent and the 666
misread technology of the Spirit, 
the Holy Ghost like weaponized Compassion
coming at you at 3 in the morning 
with blood ...

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The Nephilim of Croghan Hill

The Nephilim of Croghan Hill

6 foot 6 in 100 BC
you peered up from millenia
of dead stars, your nipples shredded lest
the tribe be once again victim
to your serpent milk

and as the elders gathered screams like seeds
you remember different stars, better skies, the time
you married Ireland as a White Mare
sent from Tyrconnel
and brought a harvest to sacrament

but the night had fou...

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The Sound of Blood and the Left-Handed Moon

I saw my first porn when I was 9 and
two days later half severed
my hand in a pane of glass
and the devil downed my blood, 
my wailing alm like a golden calf
banned from the pack for singing
too heartlessly 

and yet the contusion closing over 
with time and deaths many lessons
to cut old wounds fresh and let the music out, 
the music of blood in a 
Universe of Sacrifice 
the sound is...

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We Are All That We Are

I first came to England as an Archon
   and my blindness made me full
I pretended I had substance to my spirit
   but I had not even Will

I convinced myself the light we carry
   was born from brainless eras
that the burning golden Eye above us
   was the symbol of a truce

From from away I cast my blood beyond 
   what I believed to be unreal
those phantom mimes of a better self

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here in prehistory the silence grinds

like a second star
in the gold light of Saturn
breaming tongues of fire
on the cold broil of the brain

skulled-in squarely a flickering husk
and there go the dreams like mosquitos
to the cranial grave
shew your voice against that hush
with faultless animal empathy
curse your ghosts to a pyre of peace
in 4D purgatory
eviscerate the simulation

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false light   first thought    long lost in
coiled chorus coniferous 
the sweet song of the beast
in hell the sole sound makes it 
sugar simmering but turn to
multiples of colours the pale light
is not for you, the Trojan myriad, 
the beckon of dead relatives,
just another fenn trap
for the soul

so the vehicle forgets     dies  
again  ...

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Sophia Defiled

Sophia Defiled

The authorities received knowledge they needed to create humanity. Sophia Zoe, who is with Sabaoth, anticipated them. She laughed at their decision, because they are blind, and they created humanity in ignorance and against their own interests. They did not know what they were doing
                                  -    On The Origin of the World

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Horizons of Neverwhere

out there          far
before        or        as if
bronze forks
                     Quarks calm erupt
        there never was a here or
here                there             any old where
shapeless in superpositions
           elemental we
rise like bloated hearts to the waters edge
the waves folding in-
-to golden                 ratios          ...

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The Natural Habitat of the Cube-Eating SkyFish

The Natural Habitat of the Cube-Eating SkyFish

the great gold well in the sky
burns an arc, a curve across 
the fallen sea

the tide above 
misdescribed as
space, empty or there 

at all

a relic of two stars and a time
before the myths were co-opted 
and the beasts above were among us
and the beasts below were among us

in that time the truth of time itself
was known, that time...

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Misguided Madness Calls For The Quirkiest Measures

take a long          loud            breath 

we have always been each other, a piece
apart yet
somehow inseperate       Love the bubbling aether
Spring unbound          the dome
of suffering beneath our
mutual hallucination of this
(long            loud           breath)
a line has pierced
the circle once and for us

a queue of hearts meant to march for
justice: misguided madn...

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Cat Struck

A truck struck a cat the other day and the bloody lump
of marmalade lay alive, one eye twitching, for hours.

This was at about 3 in the dark and nobody noticed though
many were stricken by nightmares of lights and horns.

In the morning the brains were side-stepped, guts jumped over
like puddles of meat, the corpse hopscotched.

The most concerned shook their heads but dead cats are bad ...

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Hermetic Neo-Septet

All is ALL: dark included

                  Truth occluded


All is ALL: anomalies Natural

                     nature artificial 


All is ALL: variables golden 

                   Gnosis moulding


All is ALL: Living matter

                   corpse platter


All is ALL: moving vacuum 

                  fluid continuum 


All is ALL: folk of the firma...

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The Sketching of a Shadow Once Described by a Blindman with Third Hand Knowledge

space like a fluid piano, notes effervescent 

unnamed, unaimed-for doorway at 4 a.m

kept awake by numbers, bloody spirals in hearts and eyes. 

Numbers? Burn em! 

set flames to the equations that turned our 

magical reality into a dead clock 


death to the legacy of Einstein 

and his fancy corpseverse

the cheating genius completed the inversion

by making Tesla turn in...

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First page of my new book out soon critique needed 


1st page of my new book, critique needed, ty



like a flower you learn
to live with       it’s there,  you hear it
smell it         taste it              see it in
the careful patterns of people
whose wires work well

and the parody of Paradise, of
false prophets, well-groomed
apostles ...

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Haunt Alive

when I die

i will haunt the world 

as a ghost in a white crown of thorns 

for all the little ones who never make it home

and the kind-hearted who open their doors

to the mad and malicious never to be seen again


when i die

i will haunt the world

as pure trauma surfing the brainwaves 

of killers, rapists, torturers 

and with God's armour brightly about me

i shal...

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H - H

a formula, a tornado

hillside ashlar particle 

a resonance, rhythm, a Word, even


and us in our aquatic vehicles

so near a nemesis that feeds

on both Light and Light's absence

it's no wonder we paint our faces

set up nets and traps of branches to wait

for Nature when she comes skipping though the forest of our lives like death 

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a child of 9, i wrote from a 3

across the busy street

from my foster family at the time


the 3 was HIGH

i climbed it though i could not climb

i can't remember where i carried the notepad

wether crook or backpack but each branch ascended made me look down and wonder

why i was doing this

the cars that raced passed, the circuit trucks,

sent the branches trembling, goose...

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Natural proto

"Peacefully In Their Sleep"

disbelief may very well
be the saviour
of humanity    pure inversions turned 
to disgust of such fullness
that the old will stay old
and live old
and die old

and is there anything more beautiful than dying old
without knowing? 

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The 31 Inversion

dead at 13

dead at 30
Alive at 31

this is Baphomet baptised at their finest
Unity of yins and chess pieces

find order without an order
this game has alternate storylines 
for each of us avatars and
no group knows because 
ALL is known to ALL at ALL times 

Know thyself 
but first kill the part of you

that wants you dead. 

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Jesus wanked

there was a time when a mountain
would move on the command of a blood drop 
and now a flueless sky, the one you KNOW
once existed as precious turquoise now
daily sprayed by dark fetter,
 Molechular confetti fit
for an owl’s wedding

there was a time when a moon so improbable 
shifted like woman in labour, screaming great joys 
You can hear it even through the scorching din
Of Lilith’s...

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i found a stone on the ground at third Light
a blackstone blatant as a birthmark or 
ley-lines from Dystopia
but almost triangular; old mist
hung in high night air     green apogee
scrim from a chicken-scratch sky
this nano-scribes abound
these hills; the trees wonder blessed,
is the resting place of a certain ark.

it makes a sound
like animals when they kiss

or a stone skipping acr...

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God is a Gun

new poem

God is a Gun

quiet as a tabletop photo op of
AR15’s, tricksters of silence
unloaded but for the surety of
memory’s forever- leaking veins
a fresh enterprise for public disgust 

ammo as far from Love as Amun Himself 
a Nile-born mirage of safety
perpetual the possibility despite precaution
of God like a gun aimed inward

why, when you agree to play the game
of Russian Ro...

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The pope Has Lost His slippers, The Red Ones, And his God-forsaken Mind Along With Them.

We put our faith, love, hope in gut-soaked paws because we want to believe we need it     ‘People
Just don’t do that to other people’

They do, though not at ALL justly.
Thank God for Natural Law

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You Fire You

me new poem

You Fire You

 your head  an apple      your heart a serpent 

praise the tail
hymn the coil

the fury guts
Salmon like sure thoughts 

Sustain you 
Sustain you 
Light of trial 

Burn all apologies 
kiss the words 
you prayed for

Eden’s jealous judge corrupt
Cats hammered to death 
puppies set ablaze amid
smirks, squealing, blood aroma 
gerbils quietl...

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 i C Your face in registrations plates
coma cluster corneas and orange lights
lithe saints crowned as aeons among us

Source, raise them strong autumnal pods

i C Your name announced by strangers, radio personalities,
tech from ancient cultures wryly hidden in revelations,
Mathematics, doorways and heroes 
as numbers, sound and shape 

yet this code, passed down through old ascended

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The Drawing of a Poem

A blank space
plated in acrylic veneer, 
dark and green

         Next a bag o’life brimming with Tibetan rocksalt
Peppered across the surface like a fine spice 
Adhesive? Fuck knows. Art is free


Saturn, life-like with Cassini shadows
once heralding in the natural proto-age
of dystopia now closing shop but slowing still
seen from the icy blue and cracked
surface of Mad Europa


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Circa Timeless


We were never the base of a pyramid

we built them from the ground down

not as slaves but masons free and fearless

even as Sek'met devoured order in its prime

we made the sounds and stacked the blocks 

and preyed to Gods weakened by

ages of divides, imposed checkerboards

and the blood of the first born question 


But we only knew how t...

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con-nected ny higherlower beings
unit-ed by the Godself
omni-aware of Omniscience
quest-ions break the cagedome

Di-vision is easy to foment but


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Lyra, I Barely Know Ye

They are not here just
as we are aliens on this
distant hostile world

i had been praying to energies for years
before unquestionable yet personal proof
crashed like a craft into my Hermetical dune

and once you see the levers, the lit nodes,
the stains on the curtain behind which your world
had existed as a basic formation melts vitrified

but to release the igneous rocks they tried s...

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Poem of a Proud Swine

pearls, despite the obnoxious initiates, belong to everyone
not silver-plated secrets to be cast based on caste
for breath is the common denominator, breath and
birth a birthright
to an Eternal realm of Rest

Gnosis is not a blood diamond
extracted from the elders before the village
is levelled overnight

it is the icy bottle of sea water
on a hot day you envision drinking
but await th...

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Blame Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

you get used to the idea
of sleep as

a manic magi’s
fantasy of descent
and the perfect black
of nothing:
a prize for blindness

nightmares righteous
as witchdoctors
cast guts across
the goosebumps
of the trifold heart

your daily friendly reminder
that satan has made a brothel
of the stars and angels watch in wonder

Can you blame them? 

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Raped by an Angel


two become one
or one devolves to
duality the fluid
docking of bodies
like a parody 
Yin and Yang forever
connected, occulted

sealed Hermetical an obelisk
from the softest wettest nook

Inside and the moans of angels
fulfill a Creator’s most soaked dream
of re-union
as daemons watch from a corner 
quanta              conscious 
amid the loud coming of bodies, ages


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Trips and Traffick Lights

Simon had felt alone long before he and Val had gotten married and in fairness the first few years he had felt a noticeable reduction in his reclusive aspects. But, Simon being Simon, it lost its novelty the day they had both decided not to start a family.

In an unspoken agreement, possibly even subconscious, they had both concluded that the world was just too evil of a place to burden a perf...

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deathless and the sweet-scent of
gods misguided, their heads crushed like grapes
in the grim Kali kaleidoscope

we drink the aeons of the unknowable
mind self-generated 
and objectify the stars for Ends

limbless in limbo akin to infinity
this coptic-coded digital density
bleeds the mind’s wine
to further hack the bloodlines

our projected existence on the cornucopia
quiet as the mou...

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Tripartate of the Question

Quiet questions and quieter answers

 minds morph

you asked for madness, requested
Eternity in return, to never again
bleed on the Earth’s hot scalp
your beating spine
you quashed normality and the paths
to simplistic happiness

if only to breath clear waters
and know at no cost to anyone
The whys and whats of it all.



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Suicide in a Hall Of Mirrors

Suicide in a hall of mirrors
from every angle blood and froth
here a skull crushed  
by hooves there a mind
one view proves the blade
could not harm an ant
yet another glass opinion and
it’s flooring mountains
CALM bubbling like a fire and the tablets  
only work when you
stop taking...

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death to fruit

Light from Light

be low eve
there are stars and the shadows of aeons 
curling creatures in their flames
like twisted slinkys in satan’s fairground
where not...

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