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F**k the Forgive and Forget mantra

I forgive you because I want to.

Because I want to free myself from the bitterness and pain.

I forgive you because I want you feel forgiven unconditionally.

Forgiveness kills hate and with hate out of the way

Compassion takes over, wrapping us in a cloak of comfort.

Forgiving you makes me stronger.

It illuminates the imperfections within me.

It gives my love new meaning.

I ...

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Knowing Me

And on the seventh day, I rested.

Following whispers from my inner voice I took time out

to go within

and touch those spots that others can’t reach.

A bit like a Torah edict.

Then my head space opened,

stimulating conversations between beliefs, ethics, fears, contradictions.

Embracing a particular  tussle between the existential and the essential.

Or is it my new calling?


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