and we burn

Some kind of madman

Over the mountain 

Shakes his maracas 

Beats his drum 


And sniggers 

For he knows the 


Knows the delights 

And the dangers 

And the tightrope

Cares not an instant

Or if he does 

Wouldn’t show it 

So he crashes and thrashes

And breaks those below him 

Beneath him 

Around him 

Smashes their canoe

Causes waves on the mirrors 

And lightning 

In the shadows 

And freezes his breath 

So you can’t hear

His heart 

But beat still it does 

Like an old fashioned camera

Click click 

In in the darkness 

And the red room’s 


A heart full of thunder 

A brain full of sadness

A tongue tied with bitter bitter

Quips and whips 

And lashings

This ship has not sailed 

If it does it will sink 

And the past 

Not yet nailed 

Will spill 

Into the sea

There is no soup

No washing 

No flags 

And no soap 

Just some people

Left burning 

And the waves

Left to roar 

In the empty becomings

Of a laugh filled with nothing 

But the hopeless desires 

Of the bones 

Left rotten 





But left wanting 

So much 


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