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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 24th Aug 2019 18:27

A great piece Tui. I often think about the fact that we are the ultimate wireless beings with a personal inbuilt search engine for our own pre learnt data which is way better than google ever could be!

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Tui Dragonfly

Sat 24th Aug 2019 17:55

Imagine! a human 'mind' is the ONLY thing in the entire universe that does not decay with time!

As we feed them, they grow and expand and contemplate/explore the unknown, create physical representations or tonal journeys entirely from images or ideas merely formulated by an organic computer weighing around 3lbs, or from our emotions and even proffered to us from our subconscious!, To visualise in our dreams things that have never happened or, don't even exist yet, the way in which we can devise seemingly instant solutions to complex situations (often even before the issue has been laid out) due to the incredible amount of information that we have embibed throughout our lifetimes, our natural inquisitive nature to philosophise ideas around the nature of the universe or convince ourselves that there are higher intangible powers and 'otherworldly' beings who protect, judge and guide each life

strength and possibility all the while wadeing against the eneviatable decay of the vertical, the physical body they are carried through their moment in time in.

As our intelligence expands and our library of experienced knowledge grows, it becomes a race against the powers of the Universal decay, the pull off gravity on our bones, muscles and even coagulation of the blood in our veins. .

As our physical being slowly dissolves
Our ideas fight for life....

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