Death is an Eternal Peace

Death is an eternal Peace

Where all grief, pains goes to sleep

Where we can get rid of all miseries

Death frees every soul from anxieties

Pains and grims

Death is an eternal peace


Only death is an eternal truth

Throughout life we have to fight with struggles and endure

There is a Fear from death in every soul.

We can get rid of this fear once we know the best about inner soul

To be remembered by others after death should be one’s goal

Being memorable needs extraordinary efforts

To be a leader in whatever we do needs efforts with full heart

Only death is an eternal truth

The journey of life should be meaningful

To avoid small deaths throughout the life


We should be thankful and full of gratitude to the ultimate divine

To reach an eternal peace while leading the journey of life

We should put more focus on accumulating blessings of everyone

We all are born empty handed and will die the same way all alone

Kneel down in gratitude and be thankful to God for this beautiful life

Be thankful to Almighty, who has gifted us with someone who loves to see us happy

Who is being divine for us throughout life

Death is an eternal Peace

Where all grief, pains goes to sleep


Bindu Trigunayak


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Gopal Gupta

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 11:01

well said Ms. Bindu , True and real fact of Life

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