Holiest of the holy

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"Holiest of the holy"

Wednesday,14thAugust 2019


"Protect your neighbors"

and share the honor

if you want to be called

the follower of an almighty and lead the life


no religion teaches hatred

and preaches to be led

by such preachings

it is not holy teaching


I have heard many scholars

and tried to understand the paragraphs

nowhere they have uttered about bloodshed

to kill the innocent and get killed too


Islam is holiest among holy

this concept is adopted wholly

do the prayers and listen to the prayers

if they are offered by others


this is how you co-exist

and insist on the sacredness

that always brings peace and harmony

this is how the followers are blessed by an almighty


if you were right in the approach

the peace might have been had as such

but what do we find today?

we have become ghetto and swayed over by the propaganda


Hasmukh Mehta

Courtesy: Dot Art Workshop.. Nitya Subraaniam




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