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Biggo's In My Dictionary


Source idea:  Jennifer Malden (London Bus), Rose Casserley (Biggo Expert). Fish (rack 'em stack 'em), Ray Pool (non-word tiredly)


Biggo's in my dictionary

The one for our New Age

I'm tired of using Shakespeare stuff

I wanna branch out, rage


Gotta, wanna, sorta, shoosh

Yep, all of these are there

It's far from Shakespeare's worn-out stuff

I wanna branch out, dare


Tiredly is OK to use

As is littley too

Make 'em, do 'em, shoe 'em, loo

Choogly's in there also


I here you all cry out Don

Where can I get this dic ?

Don't wanna use old Shakespeare stuff

I wanna Willy flick


The new dic's still developing

'Twill help you come of age

And use new words evolving

To poet on your page


(You think I'm pulling your leg? Would I, an Aussie do that? Rose is a Biggo expert and has loaned me her video 'Learn Biggo with Skbahadur' .She apologised for not having time to do a 'Learn Biggo with Rose' due to my late request. I'll leave it to Skbahadur to demonstrate the 'shake your biggos' movement. Rose encourages wives to take up Biggo dancing and husbands to encourage wives. There are benefits all round …...)

Don Matthews August 2019

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