Your password must contain

at least one special character

people accuse me of being

a special character

but that's beside the point


just think of 6 secret letters

and an exclamation point

now if only I can remember

that damn password


I had it yesterday

but it says your password

does not match

please try again later

and so I do but it is futile

and now I get that scary warning

I am blocked from my own account


passwords are unique

it's true

mine is so unique

I can't remember it


so many passwords

floating around cyberspace

space junk

cloud clutter


one day all the passwords

will be used up

and then what?

the world will stop

and no one will get in


forgot password?

need help?


don't we all.


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Don Matthews

Sun 4th Aug 2019 12:29

Sheesh dk what have you done?
You've told us password knape
My mouth is all agape

But then I look more closely
You blighter you're quite smart
Ten letters in the password
Not six and two ex marks

I cannot answer problem
When cyberspace jam packed
Facial recognition
Might stop us being hacked


Sun 4th Aug 2019 12:01


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