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My little dog always seems to have the last word

I was playing scrabble with a friend,

I hope the next few lines don't offend.

My little dog eat all the letters thought they were a treat,

For the next few days lots of messages he did excrete.

My little dog always seems to have the last word,

I keep picking up letters with every single turd.

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The rebellion of a 14 year old against wearing a mask in school

"I am 14 years old and have a mind of my own,

I am rebelling against state control and sailing into the unknown.

Masks aren't going to prevent transmission in a school room

Constantly fiddled with,removed,reused,enticing gloom.


They obstruct communication and restrict learning,

To ban them altoegether I am fervently yearning.

Thank goodness as a 14 year old I have a mind of ...

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We must do something NOW to stop knife crimes multiplying !!

Teen murders in London hits a record of thirty killings last year !

Knife crime is accepted by some  as part and parcel of growing up, I fear.

Wielding a knife in cities has reached a new high,

A decline in stop and search is probably why.

A growing confidence amongst carriers that they won't be detected,

And a belief, in a toxic environment ,in carrying a knife they will be protect...

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