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Fred's Dilemma

Fred Faithful was a very loyal man,

Lorraine was his pretty girlfriend,he was her number one fan.

One day he went to work and found a new girl had started.

She was called Clearly,drop dead gorgeous,newly parted.

Fred became besotted,it was obvious Clearly liked him too.

But he still loved Lorraine and didn't know what to do.

Fortunately as fate had it Lorraine ran away with John,


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She was at a table alone dressed in pink,

Disgustingly drunk swigging her drink.

My wife and  I  were at a celebration at Haslingden High,

When the lady looked up and shouted,"He was my number one guy!"

"Is that right? said my wife."You randy git !"

"Yeh ,she took to drink right after we split.

"She's never been sober since it all went wrong."

"Beats me ,"said my wife"how she ...

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Slow down you drive to fast!

Dave was racing down the M65 ,

Going really fast and lucky to be alive.

He was pulled over by a cop who was ready for his break,

Hankering for his coffee and his carrot cake.

"Hope you've got a good excuse for going so fast.

I looked at my speedo and I was truly aghast !"

"Well years ago my wife ran away with a cop,

Thought you were bringing her back,didn't want to stop!"


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Paralytic Patrick

Patrick O'Keefe had been drinking all night,it was the final round.

He stood up,but fell flat on his face while homeward bound.

He crawled outside to get some fresh air,

Again fell flat on his face,it gave him a scare.

He pulled himself together and crawled the four blocks to his flat,

Stood up to put the key in the door and fell flat on the mat.

He quietly crawled up the stairs ...

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An Attractive Addiction

A monster has appeared in my body,

A demon has struck I feel shoddy.

You made me think you were the answer to my pain,

I let you in but there was no gain.


You soon ruled and became my master,

And led me down a road to disaster.

Now all I do is cheat ,steal and lie.

The deeper I go the more I cry.


Drugs have become my best friend,

To stop taking them I see no en...

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Live much longer don't smoke! A message to teenagers.

Smoking is  glamourous ,sexy and mature,

Advertisers create this perception to lure,

Teens to smoke and feel cool,

To fit in with their friends at school.


Smoking creates rebellion in the family hive,

Best to quit this mistake and stay alive.

Ask your teen what made him start,

To damage the lungs,circulation and heart.

Smoking and vaping are not allowed,

Darkness lu...

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Keep our N.H.S. alive !

Doctors are being driven to despair,

As a crisis unfolds in health care.

The system is creaking at the seams,

Disillusioned doctors leaving early to pursue retirement dreams.


Surgeries closing at the rate of two a week,

440 G.P.s lost last year as their pressures peak.

As our growing and ageing population does soar,

If the G.P. service fails,the N.H.S. could be no more.


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A lucky escape on the X43 bus from Manchester to Burnley on the motorway near Bury

Manchester was buzzing and full of fun,

Many had travelled for the Sunday10k run.

On boarding the bus back to Burnley,the X43,

The people were happy and full of glee.

Chatting and laughing discussing their day.

But something really scary was to happen on the motorway.

At 50m.p.h. the bus did cruise,

Passengers watching and admiring the views.,

A brick was hurled at the driv...

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A knife changing experience

Scott was travelling home from a party in his local town,

Became a victim of a knife crime,paralysed from the neck down.

He was told it had severed his spinal chord and would never walk again,

Relying on round the clock care and medication to deal with his pain.

Scott at 16  experienced the devastating consequences of  a knife attack.

Now at 27 in his wheel chair still fighting to g...

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Laura Muir ,let us praise ,double gold at The European Indoor Athletics at Glasgow

Kids should always have someone they can look up to and believe,

To follow a path they can stride down and achieve.

Unsure at first as all teenagers are,

But by the flick of a switch they can become a star.


An animal lover and a qualified vet,

Success on the track Laura Muir has met.

Steady and sustained progress over the past

One or two knocks out of the way she did cast...

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