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A tribute to Caroline Flack

On Strictly Come Dancing Caroline found fame,

The best Strictly performance ever,she did claim.

"Angels" an eternal monument she did shed,

"When I come to call ,I'm loving angels instead."


Many hearts will be broken,Caroline was ace,

Put under pressure due to an on going case.

Her final instagram post showed her giving her dog a kiss,

Talented ,smart and likeable,Caroline...

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Harm on the farm.

Feeling forgetful?There could be something fishy going on,

I have difficulty remembering information 30 minutes gone.

Eating many servings of salmon in the past I regret,

Grim facts concerning chemicals in salmon I have met.


The salmon farms in Norway cause the ocean beds to rot,

Open sewers on coastal waters unfortunately we have got.

A cocktail of poisons,raw sewage and co...

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Indicator fault?

A man and his wife were driving to Manchester in a car,

She was worried they hadn't gone so far.

She tells  him to check the indicators as they go,

He checks them and says,"Yes no,yes no,yes no."

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Corona virus concern

The train station and airport in Wuhan,China have been shut down,

Wuhan has been the epi centre of the outbreak I sadly frown.

Corona virus a  public health issue of global concern,

Visitors to China put into quarantine on their return.


Manchester is twinned with Wuhan take heed,

Nearly 5000 students from China the universities feed.

Millions of Chinese travel for the lunar ...

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Boris' mounting debts

Boris had been unemployed for a year,

His mounting debts were a constant fear.

A future without a job looked very dark,

But a job came his way as a litter picker at a  park.

"Training to be a litter picker will it take long?"

His new boss replied,"You'll pick it up as you go along."

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A turning point

Dave was suffering from an addiction,

In court with pride he made a prediction.

"I sincerely regret being invovled in a drug sale,

I solemnly declare I will abide by the law without fail."

The judge felt the sincerity of this remorseful guy,

And said,"Let's hope you end up this year on a high."



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Stop before your Op !

Is an operation on your agenda?

Stop smoking and become a swift mender.

To stop before your op is your duty,

Why risk spoiling your beauty?


Smoking is a no win deal,

Wounds will take longer to heal.

Smoking 10 cigs a day will highten your risk,

Stop smoking before and your recovery is brisk.


Six more chances to die,

Give it up altoegether ,please try.

The so...

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The grief of a newly married husband

John placed some flowers on the grave of his mother,

Her death had been a shock to him and his brother.

As he left the graveyard he saw a man having a cry,

Kneeling by a grave shouting,"Why did you have to die?"

John compassionately said,"I don't want to interfere with your grief,

To know who you are grieving for would be a relief."

The grieving man took a deep breath,"My wife's ...

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Give your health a boost in twenty twenty


The new year is a good time to start,

To boost your way to a healthier heart.

Off course we know this is easier said than done,

But a few simple tweaks doesn't have to spoil your fun,


Snack on a handful of nuts ,rich in Omega 3,

Protects the heart keeps the arteries inflammation free.

Don't have too much as they are calorifically high,

They lower cholesterol levels,g...

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