Party Tricks in Bali

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Party Tricks in Bali




Scene: South Australian Nicholas Carr, 26, holidaying Bali, August 2019


I was really drunk you see

Therefore no recall

Just landed in a top-shelf pickle

While having me a ball


What's that you say? I karate-kicked

A guy off motorbike?

Nah, I don't remember this

(Just doin' what I like)


What's that you say? next party trick?

Smashed window minimart?

Sorry don't remember this

(I got a great big heart)


Please help me Foreign Minister

To out this fix me get

To get me out of trouble here

All which I do forget


You stupid boy, you idiot

You would not do this here

Bali's laws must be obeyed

By tourists who are there


The Government will help you out

Bombings, corruption scams

But if you're silly, lazy

Forget it Nicholas.....


Don Matthews August 2019

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Aug 2019 15:56

A hooligan is a hooligan - wherever !

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Chrystel Roberts

Sat 24th Aug 2019 11:47

Hilarious, Don!

Perfect poem for a sunny Saturday! (well, at least it is sunny here in Zambia)

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