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Jeff left for good last week.

Heard him say he’s “got a meeting with his divine master. He’d be a while”.

Our journey together was glittered with magical, mystical moments.

We travelled side by side through life

although at times our existential views had a polarised pull about them.

But the connection was constant. The bond was eternal.


I see your resplendent face now Jeffy in the corners of my mind,

Your smoke rings waft playfully to meet the sky.

Your distinctive voice echoes strong and clear.

You were one of the few individuals who spoke without prejudice,

loved unconditionally, listened more than heard and gave liberally

from the coffers of your heart.

Time to celebrate a life well lived. As I sit alone, a solitary member of a disbanded team,

I raise a mellow Merlot

and say “Jeffy ‘old boy, here’s to you my mate. You will travel with me for many lifetimes hereafter”.


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