Extra Large Sized Men's Padded Hooded Parker

the rain beating down
I am safe
under a large winter coat hood
I am safe
just a tunneled gap to peak through
safer than ever
warm and safe and comforted
this padded men's Parker is a thousand hugs
it makes me invisible
I am far from it
yet I am the closest to feeling invisible
than I have felt before
they can't see my eyes
therefore unaproachable
the unknown
no reassuring face to make me approachable
a break from too approachable
although not many folk about on this bitter
dark down pouring night
cold autumn rain I welcome thee
extra large sized men's padded hooded Parker
come and carry me
hug me
make me invisible
for tonight for one night only I am
mysteriously anyone
I could be anyone
they stay clear
don't approach me
that coat has super powers you know


parker coatrainsafety

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Wed 7th Aug 2019 11:36

and this poem has powers too, Sarah, powerful enough to make me

? it.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 7th Aug 2019 10:47

Almost like a, "Cloak of invisibility," but more a, "Coat of anonymity."

Really good.

J. x

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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Wed 7th Aug 2019 09:37


Amanda Morton

Wed 7th Aug 2019 09:32

Brilliant poem Sarah. Am gonna get myself a large hooded Parker. I love your work.

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Martin Elder

Wed 7th Aug 2019 09:13

You have summed up here the amazing effects a type of clothing can have both on the wearer and others.

Nice one

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