Daughter in 2020 (Dementia onset)

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Like my (gently) rubbing

of your wet face.

Like my brushing of your dry teeth:

I seem to prove an annoying

but improving

ex-foliating daily chore. 



You stand aghast as I

rail down the 'phone

(on your behalf)

for those absent cheques.


You look askance as I query the bill

for the meal that you've just paid for;

(Or the life that I've arranged

on your behalf)




But, I watch your up-turning mouth

forgiving with a smile

as I join you at our table.

And, I feel your taloned grip

(in my palm) 

that's fierce in my defence.


And, as I hear 

(from a strangers mouth)

of your apparent love for me:

I burn with a silencing ache. 


Words and foto  Tommy Carroll

re-edited 2019

Written in 2010

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Sat 10th Aug 2019 15:37

All the genuine ingredients here Tommy. You've succeeded grandly in a moving tribute to real life. The grindstone that wears a man into a polished version of himself.


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