Bipolar Mania's Two-Edged Sword

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Bipolar Mania's Two-Edged Sword




I am a diagnosed manic kept under control with medications. This explains my personality. And much of my work.



Bipolar mania's a two-edged sword

With razor sharpened edges

If not controlled and managed well

You risk precarious ledges.


One edge is sharp and dangerous

Results can be perverse

Rational thoughts get very lost

Not easy to reverse


The other edge holds hidden power

Helping you create

By channelling intensity

And re-direct your fate


The challenge is to use the edge

Producing creativeness

And not the one which could push you

Into an abyss


Don Matthews

October 2017

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Don Matthews

Sat 17th Aug 2019 08:35

Bipolar's emotions are extremer
Extremer than you; and yes you
Their highs hit the ceiling, euphoric
Their lows hit the floor, through and through

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keith jeffries

Fri 16th Aug 2019 10:39

A meaningful explanation of a condition which has always puzzled me.Well written as this is evidence of your many talents. Thank you

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