Manson – The Smell of Evil

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Manson – The Smell of Evil



I have written this to present and revisit the facts


Source: Manson Exposed. A Reporter's 50yr Journey Into Madness and Murder (Ivor Davis)


50 years ago today

Manson was arrested

Sharon Tate was murdered and

The world reeled back in shock.....


Manson trained his Family

Of lost-like hippie waifs

To be his Manson kill-machine

The world was still stayed in shock.....


Those who lived not far from

The house of murder/kill

Entered anaphylactic shock

A kind of killing chill


(Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Peter Sellers)


The mighty LA Police Force

Seemed clueless what to say

They followed many varied leads

But could not find the way


The blood-soaked clothes? the knife? the car?

Sellers made a plea

These things cannot just disappear

Please tell us, did you see?


Steve McQueen became a mess

(A friend of Sharon Tate)

He wildly went right of the rails

Not coping with her fate


Imbibing cocaine/chemicals

As if there were no 'morrow

Paranoid, equipped with gun

Such was his state of sorrow


(McQueen was at the top of Manson's hit list for getting too politically inclined)


What did send SM off the rails

That bloody fateful night?

Sharon was his girlfriend

Was invited for the night


As he was going over there

Sidetracked (hitch-hiker girl)

He didn't get to Sharon's

But slept with hitch-hike girl


(So cheating saved the life of Steve McQueen......)


Across the world (in shock) that day

The smell of evil spread

Fifty years ago today

And carried with it dread


Don Matthews August 2019



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