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The Other Voice

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I talked to myself all the time,

But then myself answered in reply.

And now she’s here, with me, always

For I invited something too strong,

Now we are lost and now we are scared,

Now we fight for control.

You talked to yourself all the time,

Until I talked back

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Rusting Self-Image

I had a belief in myself,

I thought I knew where I stood

But spend enough time talking to one who believes otherwise…

The words twist and drive into my heart until doubt creeps,

And the snakes who slept awaken and open lidless eyes

“Who am I?” I must scream into the darkness

The silence answers back with a laugh.

“You are the sum of your failures, dear child.  Own up to it.”


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Urban Fairy

Cold and stormy are her eyes,

Light is her darting tongue.

And I break when she cries,

Forever old, forever young.

She dances like a grey fairy,

Void of colour, full of light.

My heart becomes the grave to bury

A silver knife hidden from sight.

She flits and flies and steals

A kiss from the lips of all,

Prances away in heavy heels

She is my tragic downfall.

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The Plague Doctor

Mask to mask the scent of death

Bird of prey and herb filled breath

Heavy steps and heavy leather cloak

Solid in form and passing like smoke

Through a city brought to its knees

To fight back ever impending disease

To cure or to count the dying and dead

In desperate hopes to halt the spread

Hired by all to serve rich and poor

Hear him knocking on every door

Cane in han...

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