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The Memory of You

I felt the sunrise that was the warmth of your face,

But even in the heat my tears felt the same

Burned too hot so even the ice gave chase

And still I can remember your name


I listened for the whisper that would remind,

But even the ocean fell silent tonight

City lights make the stars hard to find

And still you remain hidden from sight


I waited by the shore beside...

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Clickity Clack

Clickity clack, clicking teeth with the downstairs lips

Blood drawn straight to paint the smile red

Insatiable hunger and her belly a fanged eclipse

Clickity clack, a guillotine for another head


You mistook appearance for open invitation

Woe to the conqueror, now demon’s prey

Unholier than thou, man of desecration

Weapon of choice snatched gleefully away.

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entry picture

Slink in the grey and look upon what's left
Shrouded memory of the greatest theft

Earth is still here yet corruption flows from it
By human hands we breath the plastic

Love convenience and don't give a fuck,
Let others swim in the filth, in the muck

Feigned concern and loose conviction
World on fire yet what mild trepidation

Who cares about the future if it's not yours?
Praise cor...

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Modern Crusader

Ruinous fortune and ghosts blink

Voices whisper like gunshots soft

Spill blood, and from flagstones drink

Ignoring God’s muffled cough


Call upon vengeance, upon right

Bathe in imagined holiness

Tainted by eagerness to fight

Flushed triumph to bold to confess


Metal teeth sunk in delicate flesh

Legs crossed in a burning coffin

Harvest too great for the skulls ...

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The Old Lands

Stand on the battlements, reign from the towers,

Draw on the heroics of romanticized ages

Climb on the walls like the stubborn blue flowers

Sing on the stairs, echo footsteps from pages


Woven stories breathe like delicate tapestries

And in that sigh we kneel in humble awe

Surrounded by known and unknown mysteries

And not unchanged we finally withdraw


Imagine the p...

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I Cannot Hate You

These heavy chains were filled with rust,

Internal corruption breathed poison,

And now I watch a year turn to dust,

I stand at the edge, but you’re gone


You claim, you blame, you put it on me

My unhappiness I tried to change,

You do not love anymore, I see

Retrospect and hindsight feels strange


You claimed we were strong despite protest,

Such tainted beauty lea...

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End of the World

I breathed in the cold and hardened my heart,

I flew with wings made of bone and crystal tears

I walked in a desolate gallery of unknown art,

And shouted with impudence in spite of fears


I bound my sorrow tightly and didn't let it squirm

I laughed at the silence just to hear a voice

But shuddered when the dark answered in return

Should have stayed silent, now regret my ch...

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entry picture

Pea pods filled with teeth

Gnashing nature and crumpled bones

Fleshy green with rot beneath

Shamble across the tombstones


Of grinning skeleton trees

Beneath glittering blood stars

Death’s haunting striptease

Reflect the nakedness of Mars


God of war, like the god of plague

Where the land consumes the dead

Matters little how they fell or begged

Disease or f...

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Not Much Left to Lose Now

Everyone writes of the anguish of love and the pain it brings

Each of us believing no one will understand that sorrow

Of feather tattoos, secret kisses, and tragically lost rings

At some point that hope I clung to faded into tomorrow


To love with all the heart, despite humanity’s flaws

That was my choice to carry on and never say goodbye

The physical pain of a heart shredded...

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Simple Cloth (collaboration with The Carbon Quill)

entry picture

A soldier stands before the dawn, awaiting his fate in silence
A cock crows, of years bygone, taste of coffee, muscles tense

The feel of the family flag, its tattered shreds bring sorrow
The sergeant cries, the captain barks, their bold words ring hollow

He dreams of long lost battles, where his forefathers in solace tread
Their memories bound in simple cloth, fading colors tribute to the...

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Of Gods and Pharaohs

entry picture

What happens to the ancient gods when their worshipers are gone?

Who used to fight the darkness and bring light with every dawn

The gods of the sands, of the eternal cycle of birth and death

Now who remains to worship the old gods in pleading breath?

The violent embrace of the desert sands makes two immortal

Carved stone and faded paint in every tomb and dead hall

Gods and mortal...

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His Eyes

There is a deep colour of dark eyes,

Yes, darker than even mine,

Eyes in which are traced immortal skies

Of a world unacquainted with time


And in those eyes hangs the balance

Of my happiness and especially pain,

Where solemn ecstasy grants

The crushing weight of distain


Hold me close and promise me

That even when you leave you return

The fault is mine to the...

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Cursed is the air I breathe,

It carries words fouled by lies,

For myself she will never grieve,

But knowing her, no surprise.


Color of blood and bone,

But of course lacking both,

She speaks through my lips of stone,

I wish to tell but she is loath,


And so the skeleton hand grips mine,

My creation can now create,

Why she, the most cruel design,

Her ta...

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The Other Voice

entry picture

I talked to myself all the time,

But then myself answered in reply.

And now she’s here, with me, always

For I invited something too strong,

Now we are lost and now we are scared,

Now we fight for control.

You talked to yourself all the time,

Until I talked back

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Rusting Self-Image

I had a belief in myself,

I thought I knew where I stood

But spend enough time talking to one who believes otherwise…

The words twist and drive into my heart until doubt creeps,

And the snakes who slept awaken and open lidless eyes

“Who am I?” I must scream into the darkness

The silence answers back with a laugh.

“You are the sum of your failures, dear child.  Own up to it.”


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Urban Fairy

Cold and stormy are her eyes,

Light is her darting tongue.

And I break when she cries,

Forever old, forever young.

She dances like a grey fairy,

Void of colour, full of light.

My heart becomes the grave to bury

A silver knife hidden from sight.

She flits and flies and steals

A kiss from the lips of all,

Prances away in heavy heels

She is my tragic downfall.

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The Plague Doctor

Mask to mask the scent of death

Bird of prey and herb filled breath

Heavy steps and heavy leather cloak

Solid in form and passing like smoke

Through a city brought to its knees

To fight back ever impending disease

To cure or to count the dying and dead

In desperate hopes to halt the spread

Hired by all to serve rich and poor

Hear him knocking on every door

Cane in han...

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